Borogove Kickstarter is Live!

You may have noticed that there was no Reader Question today, and that is because I spent all last night putting the finishing touches on my KICKSTARTER PROJECT. Yes! Now you can help make Borogove a reality! Please visit the Kickstarter page for all the info you’ll ever need about the game!

Your support is super appreciated! If you can’t be a backer, please share this link with your friends!!


yo kory no way that you are going to get 5,500 dollar but i am going to support 20$ do you get your money back if the project does not happen?

OhohohohohohohoHO. You were so wrong about being funded–I’m just saiyan. She ended up with over 30,000 dollars. :B The card deck I bought will soon be in my hands!

If I had like, ANY money at all, I would totally back this. I’m a big fan of your comic, and I’ve had Jabberwocky memorized since I was seven. How much is the game set to cost after you’ve reached your $5,500 dollar goal?

I haven’t decided on a price yet, but it will probably be somewhere around 15 dollars for the “official” Borogove price. : )

And if you can’t back it, I would super appreciate you spreading the link around! Thanks! : )

Done, done, done, and done!!!! I love your work and I’m looking forward to this. Good luck at making the goal!!!!!

Sadly, I don’t have a card I can use over the internet…yet. If it comes through before the deadline…sure, I’ll donate some cash.

Whoo 3550! (And still 28 more days to go.) A this rate, you mgiht find Borogove in your local Barnes & Nobles

If you’d like some donated materials and elbow grease for making giveaways (lasercut acrylic things, metal bits, etc) our makerspace would be glad to provide; just let us know. :) It’d be a fun way to support your comic as all of us here love it!

*jumps in on the kickstarter too*

this looks awesome, and it’s great that reader questions got this spurred in the first place. on the back of the box design, though, should it say “to mimsy more vorpals”?

And low and behold… not only is the card game funded… but over nearly 400% funded! Just thought I add this comment here… course by now everyone would already know that it is funded

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