Bugbear Talisman 3: No It’s Totally a Toy

Hey y’all, I got great news! I’m going to be at PAX PRIME!

The fine folks at Kickstarter invited me to their PAX Prime table to hang out with some other talented folks who funded their games with Kickstarter! How exciting! I’ve never been to PAX before, so I’m really excited!

So if you’re going to be at PAX stop by the Kickstarter booth and maybe pick up a copy of Borogove? That would be cool. :) :)


Wait… She’s mad because Lily continuously visits her store without buying anything, but when she finally does decide to buy something, she refuses to sell it to her?

She probably doesn’t want to enable a troublemaker, she’d (probably) gladly sell her something else, something she couldn’t cause chaos or harm with.

So, how does the plot develop from here? It’s not the sort of display case where she could reach in and snatch the talisman if Madame U opened it to, say, sell her that competitively-priced geode. Maybe, with Madame U’s mercenary nature, she’s just waiting for a suitable offer…

– “I’ll give you five hundred, then.”
– “Done! Just don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Or maybe she’ll go for the old stratagem…

– “Hey, Ike! If I give you 250 quid, will you go into Prester John’s and buy that bugbear talisman that’s in the counter cabinet for me?”

That’s like… $400. Lily has money to burn.

Or, alternatively, the reason she has money to spend is because she comes into Madame U’s shop all the time and sees all the stuff she wants to buy, sets money aside, and forgets about it.

Is it me, or in the second to last panel does Madame U look like Captain Picard?

Her face seems to hover somewhere between Captain Picard and Magneto (aka Patrick Stewart and Ian McClellan)through the whole comic.

Aaand now all of her lines are being read with Patrick Stewart’s voice In my head. :)

She seems to be eastern European, so somebody like one of the Gabor sisters might provide a more appropriate voice.

Personally, I give her the “wise and mysterious old Gypsy lady” voice, since Kory said in the cast info that she has a strong Romanian accent.

D: id have thought the Avalon would have its own currency, like mythical tokens made from an ancient magical tree or something D:

I imagine that enough residents of the LA earn money from jobs outside it that the Avalon having its own currency is far more trouble than it’s worth.

This encounter foretells of great tribulations in the near future. Followed with a great “I told you so”.

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Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
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