Guest Strip by Kel McDonald and Rachel Edidin!

Please enjoy this guest strip written by Rachel Edidin and drawn by Kel McDonald! It accurately sums up how I feel about my life right now (if only I could get my characters to help me ship cards).

Remember when Skin Deep went on hiatus so I could ship Borogove, but Borogove didn’t show up until after the hiatus was over? Well, Borogove is here now (finally), and I am currently up to my eyeballs in boxes of cards that need to be shipped out.

That, combined with Wondercon, Emerald City Comic Con, and Stumptown all happening one after another after another, I’m afraid I won’t be able to get to Skin Deep for a couple weeks. I hate that I have to do this! But I have so many cards here to ship. Just…so many cards.

So many cards.


But please come and see me next week at Wondercon! I’ll be tabling with Sfé Monster, and we’re right next to Kel McDonald and Evan Dahm!


Oooohhhh!!! I’m SO excited! Just look at those awesome boxes of goodness just waiting to get mailed out!

Thanks again for the creative blood, sweat, and tears that went into this wonderful creation (your amazing comic), and for whatever extra bodily fluids you MUST have explosively ejected going that further mile to get these cards done…

I know it’s been a monumental effort, but it’s sooooo appreciated…

Have a safe trip to all those conventions,…and have a blast!

Jadugara ^_^

I got my cards today in the mail! They are beautiful and beautiful quality! The art is lovely and I expect these will last me a lot longer than my cheap-bo-beep boringface cards from a few years ago. Thank you so much to Kory and Sfé Monster for making these kickin’ characters! I think my favorite suit is the Queens, the variety is superfab and pfpfp I just like them.

I predict math class will become less boring in the near future. Thank you, again! I absolutely love this product!

I’m excited to eventually receive the cards, and the delay was entirely reasonable. (I think it helped that you kept us in the loop!)

Just curious where if at all can we purchase Borogove after this shipment? (Mischievous smile)

As soon as all the Kickstarter decks are out the door I will open up the store for new orders! I don’t want to take any while I still have Kickstarter orders to mail out because making sure all of the current orders stay organized is hard enough! : )

funny story. once, while I was in college, the floor I lived on decided to do a fundraiser – the kind where people pay to write an note and attach it to something like a small bag of candy and have it delivered. Only we thought it would be funny to write the notes on bananas and we could call it Bananagrams. To echo your sentiment – Just … so many bananas. So many bananas.

Sucks that you’ve got to put this on hiatus for a while due to mailing the cards and all the cons you’re attending. I wish I had the money to attend a con or buy the cards. So I’ll have to wait till for a long while before getting to see the next part. :(

I am not sure your crew of characters would actually be a plus in the shipping department. I mean, Michelle, Greg, and Merial might be of some assistance, but they’d be offset by most of the others. Jim is probably worse than useless.

Congrats to Kel and Rachel for a bang-up guest strip!

Good luck, Kory, in all your endeavors!

I don’t know why, but Jim steals the show every time for me xD
He seems like someone I’d be friends with is why I believe?

i only realized later that i got the set with the 2 decks not one signed XD but i can’t wait to play with my friends :P it was a late bday/christmas present for myself i still can’t wait!!!(and my friends will think of me as crazy…)

my cat is used to having his collar put on every morning and taken off at night (when he stays indoors). He is totally programmed to stick his head into tubes and loops. And up my sleeve. He falls for it. every. time.
We love him.

Kory, (And any others with the requisite skills and knowledge for this task),

You deserve a biographical page on Wikipedia. Your skills as a story teller and artist qualify you for it, and you ought to have such a page! So you and/or others need to write such a page! The time has come for it! If you do it Kory, I promise not to consider it egotistical of you, and in the process you will be able to promote the various venues in which you and your fellow artists practice by entering them as links. So put it on your to-do-list, take what time you need (but not to excess because that leads to procrastination). A bunch of your fellow artists need to do the same. After all, why should sports stars movie stars, stage performers, and politicians and authors of dead tree media be the only ones that the world can find out about on Wikipedia.

If you and the other leading practitioners of your particular art collaborate then there can be links to and from pages about your particular art form.

Pardon my inpatients – but just when IS the comic going to go back into progress?
Some of us who are not card-o-files would appreciate a new page now and then.

Between conventions, mailing out cards, conventions, and not actually having a functioning copy of Photoshop right now, I can’t really say. I hope to get one or two out before April is over. I am sorry you don’t particularly care about Borogove, but it contributed heavily to me being able to do Skin Deep full-time, so it’s important to me to get these orders out as fast as I can. I hope you understand! : )

for some reason, i just had in my head an image of the Orientations characters all doing meme-faces…like on ragecomics.


have fun at the cons! and come to indiana someday, because my car will die in a fiery burst of carparts if i try to drive it out of state lol

Sorry, I did not mean to imply I don’t care about Borogove. I know that it is important to you and your fiscal stability. However, I barely have time most days to read the comics I follow online, and, not being the collector type, or social, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy them as they deserve, and would prefer that your supply goes to the deserving. It’s just been a while since I could enjoy your rather well written troupe of characters, and, well, it’s making me winey (er. um whiny, heheheh no wine here, nope, none)

*impatience, card-o-*philes

And, honestly, while I’d LOVE to see another page, I know how life is, and am quite willing to wait however long it’s gonna take. I’ll be checking in again Monday…

Also, Kory, haven’t you tried re-installing Photoshop…?

Card-O-philes sounds like it should be a drinking game.

Don’t worry Kory not everyone who didn’t buy a set isn’t as impatient as some make us seem. I can’t remember do you have a blog somewhere other than here on Skindeep? It would be great to hear how it’s going.

Fully agree. …Borogrove drinking game anyone? :D

But yeah Kory, I don’t mind :3 Once you finally get life smoothed over a little bit and the comic started up again it’ll be a nice little surprise! I’ll keep checking in and hey, we get it! Life hates us sometimes, and it seems everything is thrown at us at once and we are expected to catch it all and throw it back harder! Keep chuggin’ and it’ll get better soon :)

Could you let your Seattle-based internet stalkers fans know where we can find you at Emerald City? And whether you will have Borogove or other L337 swag for sale?

Umm, I don’t see a date on the Con advert below, and is that Key Arena it’s at?
While I’d love to come see you and the other artists there, if it’s this weekend, I will, unfortunately, be having to brave the slush and snow of Snoqualmie Pass to go over to Spokane. :-( I haven’t been to a con in %*& years, and really should try to go to one.

Kory, I was hoping for an update on how things are going. Maybe on the front page? I am just hanging by a thread for the comic to resume but I do appreciate you telling us how busy and hectic things are. Thank you!

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