Heartaches 37: Hitchcock’s Nightmare

Whups, that didn’t turn out quite as well as planned, did it, Blanche?


Sadness D: Poor guy. And poor Blanchie, gettin all the blame from his bestest buddy.

Why is he freakin out so much? I’d be doin a little dance if I suddenly sprouted wings……

Well, to be fair, he didn’t so much “suddenly sprout wings” as “painfully, over the course of several hours, lose a lot of the function of his arms as they turned into something that may or may not support him in flight.”

Poor Tony. It makes you want to give him a hug…

Oh, and sorry Kory. You move here to RainLand, and we get a tornado not even two months later. Clearly they are stalking you.

Geeze, it’s been pretty well shown that this isn’t Blanche’s fault at all, if Tony is going to start turning into a magical bird creature at the drop of a hat I think that one is his problem.


I love how in that last panel you so perfectly mimicked the pose of a really upset and miserable bird, even tho the anatomy remains pretty different.

You know, he’s just trying to help.
Not that’s he’s good at it, but it’s the thought that counts.

@wandering-dreamer: Tony is blaming Blanche, however well-deserved or no, because had Blanche not been all like:

“I’m a magic deer! How’s that sanity doing? Come check out my magic world! And now touch this medallion even though I’m sure it won’t do anything! Oh my, it seems to have done something!” *PANIC PANIC PANIC* “So, still sane? I’m freaking out, personally! I possess a rather remarkable lack of a grasp on what you’re going through though, don’t I? Hey, let’s have you go jump off a building even though, on top of everything else, that completely contradicts all those nuggets of wisdom you’ve gathered throughout life that recommend doing exactly *not* that!”

With all that in mind, you can hardly blame Tony for having the reaction he’s having. I mean, while I’m sure most of us who visit this comic would not mind too terribly suddenly sprouting wings, for most people this would probably be a completely traumatic and likely brain-breaking experience.

Tony is being a spazz in my opinion. I’d be happy to live in an Avalon such as that and rarely ever leave if I was brought there.

If Blanche can entrust his friend with such a monumental secret as the Avalon and the existence of mythological creatures, why in god’s name wouldn’t Mrs. Gillis be able to come too to be with her son. I realise the boy is freaking out and is being a touch dramatic and pessimistic, but still. In the long run, he isn’t gonna be an orphan. His mum would go to him if she knew he needer her.

What everyone seems to be forgetting is that Tony and Blanche are just 16. Not alot of life experience to draw on yet, easily panicked and little to compare this whole experience to. So naturally not seeing the Big Picture, and having a hard time dealing. At that age kids are still trying to figure out what kind of person they want to be…an entire paradigm change can really throw a wrench in one’s life outlook. Tony is aghast and Blanche is unable to empathize, because whole situation is entirely new to him.

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