Hello, Goodbye 14: Mythical Reference Bible

I’m trying out a different way of shading these pages, so bear with me while I experiment, hah hah.

Hey, do you live in the Northwest? Do you like conventions? Well Wonder Northwest is this week, and I’m going to be at the artist alley on Sunday! You should come by and see me (and check out the convention)! It’s the very first Wonder Northwest, so let’s help make it a good one!


YAY!! First Comment!!!
I ADORE the expression on Lorne’s face in Panel Three and I don’t even want to know what David is about to do to Tony’s drink.

I like the new shading style. It helps blend the textures of the background to the foreground. It gives it a more…realistic feel. Smoother too. :)

I noticed the shading – it looks great. Lorne’s face is particularly striking in the second to last panel; throughout the effect is nicely subtle here. It should be an intersting experimentation!

That’s some good looking beer.
Those Ellipsis posters seem to be everywhere. For some reason I see Jim being faux stealthy like a ninja and plastering them up everywhere as he walks down the street while Lorne just watches from the side with a mildly exasperated look on his face. I’m probably reading too much into that.

Do you have a specific type of vine that you’ve drawn in panel five?

The shading on the beer is great, though I’d tone down on the shading of the characters… they look like they are all lit under dim candle light.

Great comic none the less =D

Of course, there is a third option for those who spot a mytholo: become a conspiracy theorist. While most get laughed at, some do attract a following, so presumably the bugbears find them and deal with any that look like they might be a threat. Those that aren’t probably end up as a source of amusement and digs.

– Hey, nagas, you taken over the world yet?
– Oh, chill out, bro. At least it’s a change from that “Garden of Eden” shit.

Not sure what David is up to. It looks like he’s trying to move Tony’s beer mug, either so that Tony’s next wingarm movement sweeps it over, or just so that he can steal the contents.

Tony’s possible reply to that last line: What, they end up with horns on their heads, and shacked up with harpies?

Lorne: Not so much the horns, and the harpies only go for guys. Usually.

GLaDOS would be proud of your testing skills. I think the new shading really emphasizes the depth of each drawing making the panel look more like a window than a drawing. Keep up the good work! :D

Lorne is so excited for his beer. That’s the happiest I’ve seen him the whole chapter. And I see what you’re doing there, David! Hands off Anthony’s drink! Poor bloke’s had it hard enough as it is.


Found you through http://www.bobwhitecomics.com/ which I read in one sitting two weeks ago, which only re-enforces my initial statement. It has been a pleasure and an inspiration to see your talent evolve as the comic grew, and I can’t wait to read more.

P.S. Take that as high praise, only the best get on my webcomics list, though, the list is mighty long.

must be a catnip brew. for any michigan furs , this wolf-dragon will be in the Alma,mi parade on the 28 May 2011. running with saginaw shrinners. most likely driving my racing cart in the parade.

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