Hello Goodbye 16: Fight Club Nonsense

Don’t worry, things will be explained soon. Just enjoy the ride for the moment.

There is a SLIGHT chance that I won’t have a comic up next Tuesday because my in-laws are coming to visit for the week. I will try really hard to get the page done before they arrive, but no promises! Just giving y’all a heads up!


I absolutely love happy-crest David birdface. Between this page and the last, I can’t stop giggling.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, this morning I totally got the bugbear medallion my lovely boyfriend ordered for me. I am so happy, and I can’t wait to turn it into a necklace. :’D


Mad Jack 3: Beyond Underground – featuring Abigail as “Auntie Okypete” and Tim with Sam Hain on his shoulders as “Master-Blaster” (Tim being the master, and Sam the blaster-of-nuisances-with-exploding-pallets). >:=)>

Now, the first rule of Street Countdown is that you really mus try to tell as many people as possible! It’s a very fun game, and we’d like to see it increase in popularity.

aah, Monty Python references. Not even the British can do British humour w/out Monty Python references. Love them. And I agree, happy bird-David is just the best.

And I know you probably already have the whole plot of Skin Deep worked out, but I hope I get to hear more about Zech. I have a soft spot for centaurs :)

You fixed the Zia! That’s so COOL! I’m rooting for Jack… especially since he’s from New Mexico. :DDDD That made my day!

I pretty much adore the way Jack’s all sitting pretty on Zech’s back. It makes me think the two of them are a pair of hootin’ fools together.

The redhead, bottom right, reminds me of Damara Megido plotting someone’s death/cursing at someone. Does anyone else see the semblance?

I love Tim’s emcee act. Nice way of showing that he isn’t always as dead serious as when he’s dealing with magic.

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