Hello Goodbye 16: Fight Club Nonsense

Don’t worry, things will be explained soon. Just enjoy the ride for the moment.

There is a SLIGHT chance that I won’t have a comic up next Tuesday because my in-laws are coming to visit for the week. I will try really hard to get the page done before they arrive, but no promises! Just giving y’all a heads up!


I absolutely love happy-crest David birdface. Between this page and the last, I can’t stop giggling.

Also, on a somewhat unrelated note, this morning I totally got the bugbear medallion my lovely boyfriend ordered for me. I am so happy, and I can’t wait to turn it into a necklace. :’D


Mad Jack 3: Beyond Underground – featuring Abigail as “Auntie Okypete” and Tim with Sam Hain on his shoulders as “Master-Blaster” (Tim being the master, and Sam the blaster-of-nuisances-with-exploding-pallets). >:=)>

Now, the first rule of Street Countdown is that you really mus try to tell as many people as possible! It’s a very fun game, and we’d like to see it increase in popularity.

aah, Monty Python references. Not even the British can do British humour w/out Monty Python references. Love them. And I agree, happy bird-David is just the best.

And I know you probably already have the whole plot of Skin Deep worked out, but I hope I get to hear more about Zech. I have a soft spot for centaurs :)

You fixed the Zia! That’s so COOL! I’m rooting for Jack… especially since he’s from New Mexico. :DDDD That made my day!

I pretty much adore the way Jack’s all sitting pretty on Zech’s back. It makes me think the two of them are a pair of hootin’ fools together.

The redhead, bottom right, reminds me of Damara Megido plotting someone’s death/cursing at someone. Does anyone else see the semblance?

I love Tim’s emcee act. Nice way of showing that he isn’t always as dead serious as when he’s dealing with magic.

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    I’ve added STRETCH GOALS to the Medallion Kickstarter! Now, along with reprints of retired pathtag designs, I’ve also added more Quick Silver Mint medallions! There’s 20 days left on this, let’s see how far we can get!



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