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Hahaha, I don’t think i’d have the guts to introduce myself to Dave; he’s so obnoxious and loud and proud, completely opposite of what I am.

Though, if he did talk to me first, then he’d be one of my favorite friends to hang with. :D

Is medallion grabbing allowed as a tactical manoeuvre? Separate someone from their medallion, and they should undergo an immediate and uncontrolled reversion to fullform, with attendant shift in balance and increase in target size. With Royce’s medallion exposed on his belt like that, he’d be particularly vulnerable.

Margot’s eyes seem to be a blank red right the way across, with just the occasional reflection from nearby lights stealing in. It must be handy for eyeing up the guys (or gals) without them noticing!

It will be interesting to meet the elders and see who’s on the team. And find out just how old some of them have managed to become. Presumably they won’t take the view “…the unfortunate Anthony Gillis is a liability, blah blah… and regrettably we must…” et cetera, et cetera. If they did, I doubt that Jon Lyon would be walking around today.

By the way, things can happen accidentally or by accident in the UK, but we don’t say “on accident”.

And here I thought that no one rides a centaur. Even though he’s not so much riding or even properly mounted.

I never noticed before but Royce’s medallion isn’t around his neck, it’s on his waist around his belt. I figured it had to be around the person’s neck to be used but I guess it works just as long as it’s attached to the person in some way.

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