Hello, Goodbye 23: Jack Won the Bet

My mother and father were visiting for the weekend and I was POSITIVE that I wasn’t going to get this comic done in time. But I did! Because I am awesome! Woo!

Anyway, now you know who won the bar bet. Whups I guess the winner wasn’t as important as me drawing Lorne being mopey! I’m sorry!!!


hey look. They both apologized for us having to miss the end of the fight. :D Just kidding.

Poor Lorne.

-Mr Mutt

Bah, you know you’ve been playing to much Oblivion when Cat-people seem normal at first glass. ( 97 hours in less than two weeks for those interested XD )

Kirby: “Of COURSE”, not “Of COURE”

runedeadth: ‘GLANCE’ not ‘GLASS’

(unless beer as well as Oblivion were involved) ;)

Scritch Stanley from me.

you must make up for making royce lose!!!!!!!! he should have won!!!!!! however the most current page and borogove being REAL!!!!! are very close there still is some retribution needed

Time for goodbye snuggles… *rubs hands together evilly*

…what? That’s not going to happen? Only depressing one-arm hugs? I reject your reality, comic!

Runedeath: Does it REALLY take a lot of Elder Scrolls for you to start seeing catfolk as normal? It’s kind of my default setting

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