Homecoming 18: Not Home Yet

Look, an update not only on time, but early! I’m back on my feet!

I don’t have a lot to say about this page! It’s time to start the next one wheeeee!


Wheee! An update, Yay!

Oh, Greg, you are super patient! The cabin, huh? Are you sure this is a good idea, Michelle?

Greg. Is that a moustache Greg. Is that the teeny weeny little whispy beginnings of a moustache Greg. No.

Also it is super cool how you put those reflections of glass when Michelle is viewed from outside the car. That’s a really neat cinematic touch.

“Be the labour great or small,
Do it well, or not at all.”

As we all should know, some men’s moustaches take a while to start growing properly, and some men’s moustaches don’t grow properly at all. Greg’s moustache growth is currently so light that it becomes invisible on some panels, and could not be seen at all while they were in the house, perhaps because of the absence of natural daylight. One might be tempted to suggest that he keep it shaved off until it is ready to make a proper debut.

Then again, maybe he will not have that option. I don’t recall moustaches being a major feature in classical depictions of satyrs, and while that redheaded guy at the Liverpool Avalon sported a full growth, his might be the exception rather than the rule. Also, since hair-related curses do crop up in the mytholo community, there is the horrible possibility that Greg has a Crappy Moustache Curse, and that even if he takes a razor to it, it will have grown back before he has even wiped the suds away, crappier than ever.

I really, really hope that isn’t the case.

I… I…

You’re awesome xD
The little quote at the beginning set the tone of the piece perfectly. Well done, sir! I applaud you. Well written and you make some good points.

Actually many classic Greek satyrs had full long beards and mustaches, it could be that Greg just forgot to shave this morning.

If Greg were a lesser man, like I am, he would have jumped for just a split moment to a single, overriding thought: Bow chicka bow wow!

He probably did. Satyrs do have a reputation.

Hey, they did pal around with Dionysus, so they are the original party animal. Party animals always end up with a ‘reputation’ wink wink.

LOL And would it be wrong to say that Michelle is feeling catty? OK that was a cheap shot. I am sure her glum mood and Greg’s sense of honor would rule anything like that out. But man-o-man I wish she’d get over it and see how awesome what’s happened to her really is.

Well, think about it. Your ENTIRE LIFE has just been flipped on it’s head. If she’s as much as a school person as I think she is (being in college and all) she’s probably trying to figure out how the heck to explain all of this in a manner other than just ‘magic’. I know for sure I would.
Then you add on the fact that if their religious, well, think about the repercussions it could have on your beliefs (if you can’t trust THIS, then what can you trust? and the fact that devils and angels are really physical beings).
And then you have to figure out you’re knew body, realizing that your whole life you had an extra pair of limbs and didn’t realize it…. plus the fact that you still have a bunch of supernatural powers to discover at random times.
Finally, you realize that you’re once- dead father is actually in some kind of state of half- life that you don’t understand, and is trying to contact you about something even less understandable than whats going on!
So you see, theres a lot to be upset about.

P.S- I’ve had experiences along the same lines as this only recently (involving conflicted, innumerable, and overwhelming thoughts), so I also felt I should show you what the trouble really is.

I kinda hope Michelle’s intent is to go flying. I know when I’m stressed, I like going for bike rides, because physical activity and tired muscles tend to push all my worries out of my head. If I had wings, I would be flying ALL THE TIME.

Also, sometimes it doesn’t matter if you have class the next day. That’s what those allotted absences are for: so you can ignore school when you have more pressing things at hand.

Oh good, I was afraid something bad wasn’t going to happen.

The last time they went to her cabin, half of it was torn down by the missori monster.
If things continue, maybe this time they’ll get attacked by another thing named after their location-
Cabin Fever………..!

heheheheh GREG… What were you thinking..? Down tiger, your chance is coming.

Anyways, another great panel! Poor michelle.. We all have those days, though. She’s got the added bonus of having WINGS.. So instead of biking(like I do) to a randomly remote location, she can FLY and flying so probably SO MUCH MORE AWESOME than simply biking xD
Love it!

I think it’s awesome that you’ve based this comic so close to where I live! Joplin and Branson are only a couple hours drive away from my home in Nothwest Arkansas :D

Huh, I was under the impression Greg was drawn with pairs of fingers held together on each hand, to go with the fact underneath the illusion he’s only got three digits. Only the last few pages say otherwise, so maybe I’m remembering wrong.

Remember, he can take any form he wants between satyr and human (although he always keeps the ears) at will.

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