Homecoming 20: Kissu Kissu

I had a lot o fun at Wonder Northwest! Thanks to everybody who stopped by!!

Have a comic page about these two nerds! Aww, I love ‘em.


My furious F5’ing has finally paid off!


Oh gawd, that alt text.



Now lets all get busy drawing their freaky goat/sphinx offspring! :3

Shame thats not how Skin Deep genetics usually work

Instead we have any future pregnancy Michelle may one day have filled with Greg hoping the kid isn’t a satyr. He may get over his body image issues to some extent, but he may have a hard time not thinking being a young satyr equals being miserable.

At least a young satyr would be able to move about the magical community with ease. A young sphynx would probably face exploitation and several kidnapping attempts due to their rarity and power.

Aaaaaah! Oh my goodness! My silly fandroid dreams have come true!

I mean, uh, this is a cute page. Yes.

Glad you had fun at the con! :)



… that tree in the last panel looks like some kind of giraffe creature. The roots are just being processed in my mind as legs… for some reason. XD;

I didn’t even notice the tree. Now I can’t miss it.
But, giraffes are cool, so, okay.

(I wonder if there are any mythical giraffe creatures? And if so, how would they fit into the buildings in the Avalon?)

Orriginally, the giraffe was called a Camoleapord(combination of a camele and a leopard), when it was first brought into rome. As it was so rare to them, they probably thought of it as much of a creature as their gods. Which, one could argue, would have been a mythical creature.
There is also the 4 (or 5, I forget) horned giraffe, that does exist, but is so extremely rare I believe that it, to, is a half- mythical creature.
After all, something is only ‘mythical’ if it is thought to or doesn’t exist.
As in this story they do, nothing is mythical and therefore everything is!
I think I’m starting to go off topic and confuse myself at the same time…

You think that’s bad, I keep seeing the tree by the steps as a six legged giraffe with a mile long neck.

YES!! A six-legged giraffe!! Immediately spotted it the first time saw the panel and it continues to be a distraction *grumble, mumble* …

…Okay, I’ll be honest. I too thought Giraffe. But… what I really thought when I very first saw it, was “giant testicles.”
Then I thought.. “..No… it looks more like… two somethings… having sex.”
“Kind of like… giraffes.”
“…Yes. Two giraffes having sex.”

Of course, maybe I’m just hopelessly corrupt. :B

Well. I’ve been going at it all wrong. I guess goat ears and hideous “mustaches” really DO get the girls. Noted.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to run to the store for a bit… we seem to be completely out of sap. Apparently someone used it all up on this page.

I still think they’re more of friends right now- it’s most definitely not real relationship yet rather more of an in-between, with her looking for comfort.

I think it’s more “love conquers all, DESPITE that cheesy ‘moustache’ that looks like a caterpillar died on your lip last year”.

That being said:


Ahh, I remember being that young and cute and in love, *and* snuggling until the sun went down. Those were good days. :)

Michelle and Greg are so cute together. And the best part is, just think of what amazing noses their babies will have! :D

You know, it’s all very well saying that it’s nice for Michelle, right now… But I think it’s great for Greg. :] Yanno, that someone loves him despite the fact that he abhors what he is, and that Michelle can overlook that. I think that must be lovely for him. A real confidence boost. And he can be himself around her. :D

You know, realizing that this would be so great for Michelle, I’d forgotten about Greg’s image issues. You’re right though, this should do a world of healing for both of them. They will be happier and more at ease with themselves if they can get a decent relationship up and running. I know, I went from severely depressed to quite decent when love finally found me. Now, many years later (and still together with my wonderful wife) I am mostly OK, though the depression still finds its way in on occasion. Now, it’s more like a lingering regret in times of stress, instead of a daily lifestyle. I can’t see this NOT helping their self image issues, and issues with their lives being turned upside down.

Can vouch for a similar story, bro. I lost my best friend, took two years and several angry people to make me realize just how badly I’d changed for the worse. I became a atheist/lesbian during this too and that’s STILL a hitlist item in my house… however, I’m happier now. And I ship things too much.

The look on Greg’s face in the middle panel is fantastic. The fellow could probably keel over with happy, from the looks of it.
Aw. Cuteness.

You know, after seeing you at Wonder NW, the comic seems even more relatable than it already did! Maybe it’s because meeting who draws it makes it seem “closer” to the reader? Anyway, good job, good job!

YES. this is so just full of awesomeness that I can’t articulate it properly. I can’t even, I don’t know how to put my emotions in to words right now. I don’t think I love you and your work is enough

Points to Greg for knowing when to stop talking and just enjoy the moment.
*This is not a trait inherent to nerds*

Panel 5.
It’s all good, but panel 5 is perfect.

Also; giraffe-tree-creature. I see this also.
(and I hope it’s not one of Ike’s impish relatives).

Actually there is an interesting conundrum here.
— In full form Michelle is the powerful one of this pair
— In human form Michelle is the vulnerable one.
That has got to make for an interesting dynamic.

You have quite a girlfriend there Greg.

It wold be interesting to see what would happen if some thug jumped out of an alley to mug them and started waling away on Greg, thinking he could ignore the girl, the one with fangs and claws!

I just found this comic via TV Tropes. Can’t stop reading it. It is nice, though, not having to wait for future installments. Gonna get in trouble at work for reading it inbetween jobs.

Lorne & Jim: “And then they snuggled until the sun came up.”

‘chelle & Greg: “And then they snuggled until the sun went down.”

*SQUEEE*s ^_^

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