Homecoming 22: Rude, Jim

Wow, rude, Jim.


My brain is just going “AAAAAAAAHHH” Right now. I think that about sums up my feels for this page.

Who needs siblings when you’ve got a roommate like Jim? He has great facial expressions. Especially for a guy with a beak!
And Kory, who sews the flaps in their pants for their tails?

P.S. Would his vision be better with goat eyes? Of course, he might not notice if he’s still in his happy daze. :)

Greg has had a stranger life but I freaked out seeing my eyes dilated after a trip to the optometrist, goat eyes are much creepier than mostly black eyes.

This is a very interesting plot point and the fact that Jim is being the worse roommate throughout it feels like a good way to move the story instead of a straight info dump or whatever this is turning into.

Better is subjective. Humans have stereoscopic vision because of the position of their eyes and the shape of the pupils (predator characteristic). Goats have something more like a panoramic view of the world because of the pupil shape and position of eyes (on the sides of the skull, common position for prey animals). They have a smaller range of area for which they can focus in front of them (Binocular vision) but I think that’s more because of the position of their eyes.

Greg’s eyes still seem to be set forward but now the shape of his pupils is elongated. He will probably still be able to focus well on things in front of him, but he may get a wider area of periphery to the sides, shorter on top and bottom.

I may not be a biologist, but I am a farmer familiar with goats. Hopefully that’s a good substitute. Still, everything is subject to Kory’s final say. I may be completely wrong.

I once got hit in the eye really hard by something, and for a while I almost had a vertical-slit pupil in that eye. Took weeks for it to get all the way back to round.

Greg is turning into a perma-satyr, and Jim is turning into a giant gossipy girl, impatient hair wringing and all. Fantastic.

Did you mean “she rockED your world so hard” in the second to last panel?


No, there’s a question mark, which means he’s asking “Did she rock your world so hard it knocked the blue out of your eyes?”, but people often leave out the “did” in that kind of question, because it’s clear by the intonation that it’s a question :)

Oh man, my Inner 12-Year-Old just laaaaaaaaauuuughed… My next-door-neighbors probably think I’m high as a kite, the way that sounded. Me, I’m rooting for Jim!

WAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA “rocked” him into a new state of being? I like where this is going. Not an innuendo joke. ;P

Huh. We know that people have some conscious/unconscious control over their medallions. You have to *learn* how to use a midform, for example. And Michelle giving a big lion-y yawn in History class. And apparently people who are practice with their medallions can do some weird stuff, like that guy with all the tattoos in the England story.

And Greg has *never* been comfortable as a satyr.

So…maybe Greg has been subconsciously suppressing that last bit of his transformation this whole time? Even when he’s in “fullform”, he’s actually been in like a 99.9% midform? And he only now feels comfortable enough to relax and let that last 0.1% go?




Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit if Greg and Michelle aren’t just the cutest little secret-monster-people-couple ever.

Oh, and also, Jim? Shut up. Tsst!

don’t think you could of the nail on the head any harder than now if you launched a 20 pound sledgehammer at it from the main gun of a dreadnaught.

If you don’t tell him soon Greg, Jim’s going to explode.

And all those feathers are going to be a right pain to clean up. You’ll be finding bits of orange down until you move out.

Years ago, while driving in Vermont, a bird beside the road picked a most unfortunate time to try to fly across, and I hit him with the grill of my car. (I think about it every time I have grilled chicken) I was plucking feathers out of the radiator for two months. Yeah, those things make a mess!

You know what’s just as bad? Having a bag of sparkles explode in your bookbag. I even vacuumed, and they’re still there.

My parents and I once drove through a swarm of locust. We were plucking fried locusts out of the radiator for ages. I’ll never forget the horrible smell. D:

I did think It must have been something like subconscious acceptance, although now he is aware of it they might go back to blue in midform.

I haven’t any interesting and original theories on what’s happening to Greg. He might indeed just be loosening up and going with the flow (in which case, watch out for that libido). >:=)>

As for the iconic goat’s eye, its anatomical structure produces a very wide field of vision in the horizontal plane, at the expense of a lot of image sharpness. Coupled with the prominent placement of the eyes on the sides of the head, it grants very wide visual coverage, with a very small blind spot, making it very hard to sneak up on a goat. Most grazing herbivores are similarly equipped, the better to spot predators, but their dark irises generally make their pupils difficult to see (sheep and goats being the most familiar exceptions). Oh, and blue-eyed sheep – and goats – are not unknown.

All of which leads me to think that the appearance of the satyr’s eyes might be entirely cosmetic. Greg could have been so distracted by Jim’s ceaseless yammering that he wouldn’t notice a shift in his visual field (and/or loss of colour), but not after having it pointed out. Unless, of course, the level of morphetic congruence it produced was enough to wipe out a whole lifetime’s worth of visual/somatic coordination at a stroke. And if he had been living with goat-vision all along, someone would have noticed… his driving instructor, for instance:

– “Mister Tragos, you need to look over your shoulder when reversing.”

– “No I don’t. Seriously.”

His pupils are wider, but his eyes are still in the forward locked position, rather than at the side of his head. It also brings to mind that Greg is, again, stuck at the choice between mid-form with horns and three digits looking like five, or full satyrness. Meaning, that his eye choice is, indeed, likely cosmetic, and the shift of iris is literally him just giving up that last vestige of humanity he was grasping to for so damned long, all thanks to snuggles from a dear friend who, while not packing the same luggage, is sitting in the same sloop as he is.

What im getting at in my nowhere-near-as-elegant-as-yours fashion, is that Greg has most likely been living with the effects of Satyr eyes since the masquerade was broken, and all the effect it had on him is a less vibrant spectrum of colors to appreciate, and a much clearer peripheral field of vision, hence his, I don’t know, bemusement? at the sudden realization that his blue eyes are now GOLD.

Finally, I’ll close my reply with this: Jim is such a man-child-woman.

Why did you have to say that? >:=)>

Always believe in your soul!
You’ve got the power to know,
You’re indestructible,
Always believing!
Because you are GOLD!
Glad that you’re bound to return,
There’s something I could have learned,
You’re indestructible,
Always believing!”

Greg: Shut **UP**, Jim!!!! (grips his horns in frustration, begins banging his head against the wall)

I may be wrong here, but I think a lot of his satyr-acceptance…ness is coming because of how well Michelle’s mom reacted to him.

Also, I can not imagine how hard life must be with only two fingers O_O

This little bit was covered way back in the first chapter, back when Michelle was being taught how to fly by Jim. Greg had to relearn how to play the banjo with just three fingers. His hands are cosmetically five digited, but work like only three. makes life just a teensy bit hard(er) for him.

I wonder if that’s another side effect of a broken medallion. The others seem to go through life as if they were entirely human–in particular, if the illusions didn’t have a physical component, Merial should seem disabled, as she doesn’t technically have legs.

Theory~! Maybe Michelles magical sphinx kiss fixed his medallion?

His Broken medallion caused him to have satyr features in human form (his goat ears), so why not a human feature in his full form (blue eyes). If he has goat eyes in goat form now, maybe his ears will be fine when he goes human for class! :D

at the present moment, its not that he has goat ears in human form, its that he is only able to get as far into a human midform as to only have the goat ears. He’s still only has two digits and a thumb, even when his hand looks like its four and a thumb, and his eyes are only blue because he’s able to keep them that way. his choice of forms is mid and satyr, no full human.

the running theory is that Greg is basically so happy because of Michelle that he’s feeling a lot more comfortable in his full form, a point of contention since his turning. So far, his medallion is still busted up and theory stands that at most he’ll be able to get his blue eyes, five digits, two feet back, and do away with the horns, but will probably still be stuck with the ears.

I honestly thought the eyes were an over-sight xD Prefer blue-eyed greg but hay! Acceptance and change is good! In this case.

Jim, you are so immature and… and.. just… Jim… xD Keep it up and you’re going to get your ass kicked by your goat-ey roomate xD

Actually, that’d be fun to see.
Keep it up, Jim!

I wonder if Jim tells his family and friends about his life and his friends life? Kinda wondering when Lorne is going to pop out of know where to see how Jim is doing… Now makes me wonder what Jim tells his family and friends over in England.

Good god Jim, you’re so nervous you’re twisting your hair! Bahahaha I can’t stop laughing at him xD

I love love love this comic. Poor Greg he needs a hug, but Jim needs to lay off snoopy ass bird.

Who knew love could affect the physical (magical), not just the emotional? At this rate we’ll be seeing Michelle magically repairing his amulet in the future.

Oh and nose out Jim! You’re being a prat!

Damn it Jim, calm down a bit! :D

You’ll find out somehow eventually anyway, your bet with Merial can wait ;)

HAH! A HELLBOY POSTER!! GREG IS SUCH A DAMN NERD ITS AWESOME!!!!(I refuse to believe its Jim’s poster there, panel 3.)

Okay, I keep coming back to this page and I keep not being able to stop giggling at Jim in the last panel. CAN’T STOP GIGGLING. Kory, what have you done to me.

‘That bathroom is cleaner than what I would have expected from these two’

I just recently found out what alt text meant, I always see people bring it up when I’m reading comics, and was always wondering what the heck that was. Unfortunately, can’t see it on my kindle :( Have to get on a reg computer to hover the mouse over it so it’ll pop up. Should put these things right below the comics so ppl can see them no matter what they’re using to view the comics, I like them! :D

I love panel six, Jim nailed it and he knows it but he needs confirmation on the kill thus the priceless follow up in panel seven.

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