Homecoming 3: Open the Door

I am enjoying this comic because it is letting me show y’all more of Greg and Michelle’s personalities outside of “Greg is shy” and “Michelle is the main character from the storyline that ended three years ago.”

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Doesn’t that look beautiful?


I love the way Michelle’s hair is spread out through the third to fifth panels. You have a better eye for how to draw hair than I ever had. Not that that says anything – I’m a very crappy artist in general.

Uh-oh, I think Michelle is starting to transition already, Her ears are looking more leonine this week than last. Probably just a reaction to the stress and agnst.

You are really building the suspense here Kory, I can see several possibilities here
A. Michelle shows up with this guy Greg and tells her mother she has something important to discuss and her mother thinks she is pregnant.
B. Michelle’s mom thinks Greg is the source of Michelle’s un ease and goes after Greg and Michelle protects Greg by transitioning to full Sphinx mode. This stops Mom in her tracks, Which way it goes from there depends on if mom is a Sphinx or not.
C. It turns out that Mom is a sphinx or knows Dad was but Dad is not really dead, but his death was faked for some reason and they have to spring him from the inferno.

Wow, this could go so many ways! and none of the above are probably right, Kory has a way of coming up with some real plot twists and gets us wishing our lives away that next week’s installment would get her real soon. “A” above seems too easy, but it would keep us hanging trying to figure out for a couple of weeks how it is going to shake out, and keeping us hanging like that is right up Kory’s alley.

Aggggg! the suspense is killing me.

Oh this is great fun. *pokes Michelle* Don’t worry, I’ll help you, seeing as I know EVERYTHING about sphinxes and how they’re supposed to tell their mothers that they just happen to be some cat-bird monster and found out only recently, then preceding dealt with a MoMo, gryphon, saytr, and nixie. Nope, nothing to worry…about..at all…I can’t do this! *runs off screaming*

Oh, by the way, the first panel? Yeah, I can do that and you’re jealous because I can. Bl

I love Michelle’s face in panel4. Your art has gotten ridiculously better since you first started the comic(Not that it was shabby to begin with), but I’m super excited to see more of this arc(I mostly just like looking at your art, the story’s just a bonus!). Can’t wait to see Michelle’s mom and how to see this all unfold.

Quit stalling, Michelle! Urgh, anyone think she should have taken Merial and/or Jim with her instead? Or Eustace or Marshall, even? Come to that, with the whole support network thing that they have, you’d think she could get advice at the Avalon, or bring some experienced counsellors along in order to help break the news, or at least contain the damage if her mother freaks.

Anyway, making do with what you’ve got, good luck Michelle, now: right foot goes forward, followed by the left, then the right again, no, don’t look at them, now, there’s the doorstep…

Didn’t Jim push her off a cliff to get her to fly? I wonder how he’d help with the Mom thing. . .

Sadly he’s too busy swapping (Nixie) spit with Merial to help out here.

Thinking about it though he would probably just go full griffon and then start hammering on the door.

“Hi, Michelle’s mom!”

The facial expressions are great! Especially in panels 3 and 4. They’re so . . . expressive. (And I need to break out that Thesaurus!)
And I like that we get to know their personalities better. That’s always my favorite thing in any story – how different personalities interact.

This is a random thought but I’d like to see you concept of a Cockatrice and what if you’d have it as a “monster” or medallion wearer. Like I said, complete random thought, love your work, Keep it up! :)

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