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A few pages are out of order here. The ‘next’ link goes to page 10. And page 9 didn’t link to page 10 either.

Bigfoot is both singular and plural, like the word sheep or fish. But also saying Bigfoots is accepted but not grammatically correct.

You know, he’s got a point. “Normal” isn’t necessarily what it’s cracked up to be, even though so many of us want to be that way. Of course, defining it in any MEANINGFUL way is pretty difficult, when it comes to people and society.

Hm. I just noticed that on Page 5 Michelle says she couldn’t have survived the first few weeks without Merial, but here Michelle is saying her biggest concern the last week was finding her classes…

I might be wrong about this (esp. since I’ve never had to live in dorms), but why would that be her biggest concern if a few weeks already passed? Wouldn’t that week of finding classes have happened a few weeks past already? Or do you stay around the dorm for a few weeks before even starting classes?

At the college I went to, I usually moved into my dorm about a week before classes started. It might be a bit unusual to define two weeks as “a few”, but it would be a legitimate usage.

colleges often have the freshmen come in maybe two weeks early for orientation. that way you make friends and get to know the campus before classes start

After a while you realize that trying to be like everybody else is not the way to go. You’re who and what you are, and that’s a gift from God or whoever or whatever you believe in. You’re an individual. Hmm, I wonder how many Otherkin readers you might have?

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