March Reader Question 16

When I was in high school I had a friend who owned a bird that ate fried eggs and they were all “haha our bird is a CANNIBAL” but birds eat eggs all the time just like fish eat fish and mammals eat mammals and insects eat insects. It only gets kinda creepy when it’s like, a cow eating a cow. Or a chicken eating chicken eggs (which actually happens, so I guess it’s not THAT creepy.)

This is the SECOND TO LAST Reader Question for March! I am going up to Seattle on Thursday so there won’t be any more updates until TUESDAY, WHEN THE NEXT COMIC STARTS. You can keep asking questions if you want but I already drew the last reader question tee hee WHAT WILL IT BE.

Skin Deep has made it to ROUND THREE of the Comic Mix March Madness! WOW! I’m up against WIDDERSHINS this round, and this round ENDS SOON so if you’re reading this early enough GO VOTE.


I’m not sure if the asker really meant it as “do they think of it as cannibalism” question. Bird eating eggs doesn’t really compare to cannibalism anyway, because there is no bird inside the eggs that we (normally) eat. All that’s in them is yolk, white and the unfertilized egg cell that will never grow.

Really, it’s more comparable to drinking breast milk given the role the yolk plays. As far as the ethics go, I imagine it’s about the same too. Okay to eat another species’ but your own species is more commonly viewed as ewww.

Nah, I think Kory got it right. I’d asked something similar to Sfé once for Anthony too. Was curious how Kory saw it for her own (and other) characters.

I suppose I was also thinking in terms of cross species eggs too though. I was curious once how harpies saw eating eggs because of avian reasons, but I think this still definitely covers it.

Actually, chickens will totally eat fertilized eggs if they aren’t broody, or the one brooding. We had issues with an “egg-eater” who would go through nests and eat EVERY egg, during laying season! And chickens will totally peck other chickens to death and eat them. Chickens are cannibals.

Chickens are awesome.

I remember Alec talking about how bugbears are all short, stout, and pale with dark hair. Do other species have certain looks for their disguised forms?

Alternatively – since one’s human form is an illusion, why can’t someone just change what their human self looks like?

Similarly, in “The Bugbear Talisman” Alec jokes about how Guilermo del Toro is clearly a Bugbear, and when pressed by Ike says that, well, he doesn’t look like one because he’s unturned. Is this actually a thing, or was Alec being intentionally obtuse?

It would make sense that a lot of any given species would look similar, given a smaller gene pool and/or some kind of standardization in the medallion spell. And I think the magic does most of the work, so it seems like you’d only get kind of a slider-bar control, i.e., “from 0%-100%, how human do I want to be right now.” Although apparently beards are optional…

Apropos of nothing, I’ve decided that I want to see a newly-turned bugbear. Alec and Myra are all cool and confident in their spookiness; seeing one in “what the crap” mode would be hilarious.

I admit my stegosaurus gets nervous about egg eaters, then again he gets nervous about carnivores in general. Including myself.

Seeing as a large majority of Skin Deep creatures have unusual limbs/appendages/growths/others, what are the hygiene rituals of the creatures like?? Do they bathe in their human forms, or take dust baths, or use special potions? Seeing as a lot of animals have very specific and unique hygiene rituals (birds preening, cats grooming, chinchillas bathing) do any of the creatures of the Avons do weird stuff, or are they just constantly dirty and smelly?

Kinda makes me wonder if vegetarianism/veganism is something all members of a species practise [mainly those whose species is herbivore-based], or if it’s just individuals within a species that do.

Of course, just because they have eggs doesn’t make gryphons related to birds. Just ask a platypus.

Now, griffins do actually happen to be half bird, but you’re right in that the fact that they lay eggs is not what indicates birdy-ness.

How do the animal-folk deal with racism in there community? (I mean, we all know how Manticores are treated!) Is Ike’s mum way out of line in her way of thinking, or do certain species not mingle very well? And is the fact they don’t like each other an acceptable excuse for discrimination?

Wow, trying to make my question (“Does everyone else in Avalon think Ike’s mum is a nut-job?”) look more sophisticated makes it sound so deep!

Even though I totally agree birds eating eggs is not cannibalism (because ain’t the same species!), even though when birds eat eggs in the wild, they are eating fertilized eggs.

But, I’ve seen rats eating other rats that were still alive. And it was creepy. And disgusting. (It was in an anatomy/physiology class and they were among the class pets. Mentioned it to the prof, who then fed the partially eaten rat to one of the other class pets…a snake. Cirrrrccclllleee of life.)

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