Nixie Spit 2 – Secret Nixie Stuff

Oh goodness! Kisses! Merial you smooth talker you.

EDIT: Kids kids! If you know what is going to happen, don’t tell everybody in the comments! Just keep it to yourself and smile knowingly.


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Hey, where’s Merial’s gills?

I’m guessing that, in order to circulate oxygen to her heart, Merial’s gills are right near the front of her chest.
I think we’re unlikely to see them.

I’d like to go on record as loving Merial’s hesitant look in panel 4.
I’d also almost forgotten what human-Jim looked like.

Watch out for them girls, because they’re sneaky and knows the secret code to your heart !

As for the kickstarter project – Another just got $40 added by me, and it was at $23.292 after I blew my … donation. :D

Spoilers? Um…sorry, but after the book she was reading, the outcome here was pretty much telegraphed. The only surprise will be what he looks like.

Goodness me, I sense some foreboding in this lol
Is it just me or does it look like Jim is checking out her ass in the first panel?

I like Merial’s expression as she works herself up to it :D

Oh hey his magic poof is in the silhouette of his fullform, that’s pretty awesome.

I wonder if Jim is smiling knowingly as he is getting that kiss

Last couple read-throughs, I’d wondered what was up with Jim and Merial’s hands in that last panel; only now realized that Merial seems to be stopping Jim from copping a feel, lol…

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Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
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