One-Eyed Bear 19


It took playing Batman: Arkham Asylum to figure out why Myra called Michelle “Eddie”. I’m so damn thick, and Myra is a damned nerdy chick! Edward(Eddie) Nashton, monicker Edward(E.) Nigma, is the name/alias of The Riddler, Michelle’s costume…now, if you’ll excuse me, i’m gonna go pound my head into a desk for not catching that sooner….

I’ve had sleep paralysis. I know how a Nightmare feels. Terrifying hallucinations (since they take place right in your room. A violation of your privacy and safety! Much worse than nightmares elsewhere.) plus the inability to struggle and the feeling of restriction or weight on your chest. My nightmare was that my sister was trying to strap me down into my bed and then rob me, specifically with bindings over my chest to explain the feeling of not being able to breathe. She was also wearing a grass skirt but that is… It didn’t make it any less scary, nightmares are unreasonable like that. I can be putting away toys in a dream but if my brain says “Nightmare!” I’m gonna be extremely stressed doing it.

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