Reader Question 29

This is the last Reader Question! I know! It snuck up on me too!

Next week I’m heading out to FURRY FIESTA in Dallas, Texas! I have TWO complete pages of Skin Deep ready to go up, so there will be an update NEXT TUESDAY and the TUESDAY AFTERWARDS and hopefully all the Tuesdays afterwards.

I’m SUPPOSED to get my Borogove cards after Furry Fiesta (I should have a box AT the con, too) so there might be some hiccups in updates while I am shipping those out. I’m kind of playing it by ear right now! Woooo.


hears a question what would happen if vergal from the tv serias static shock were to meat michell and the gang in full form?

AAAAAAAAAAHHHH!! /falls over in shock

Kori! I just looked at your Tumbles, and saw the Lesser Griffins! The macaw griffin! /flails excitedly

Ok, ok, deep breath. I sculpted that YEARS ago. Is that a macaw and a civet cross? Mine was a macaw and a ring-tailed lemur, and I called it a ‘monkaw’. It was for an animal anatomies class, where we had to realistically combine two dissimiliar species and sculpt it. Jeez, mine was a foot tall, weighed about 15-20 pounds or so, and took about 50 hours (because I’m insane). Sadly I don’t have it anymore; I ended up giving it to my highschool art teacher as a gift because she was such an incredible influence on me, or I’d send you pictures.

Man, does this take me back. :)

I’d say the biggest difference between our models is that you stayed true to the quadruped style, which is totally cool btw, and I opted for for vestigial grasping hand in place if the alula, but I was thinking quick and dirty evolution and not style, lol. So that would make the forelimbs partial wing, partial climbing apparatus, while the rear limbs and tail are more lemur based. Efficient, but not as cool looking as yours. ANYWAY MY STORY IS DONE HERE

So I’ve got a question for the next Reader Questions. Are there pookas, and if so, what are they like? What about taniwhas?

I have a question- I sthe comic really up again? Becaise it’s over a month since you said that last answer, and I still don’t see a new page…. Please, please continue!!!!!!!

*Sorry, bad spelling :p I really would like to see this universe continued, though! Am I missing something that I can’t find?

Holly Frick.
Somehow, whenever I pressed next, it came here. I guess my browser MUST have been missing something! Ah, well, thanks for responding!

EDIT: Sorry, not here- the page with the comic making and borogrove cards, or whatever. The black and white one (see, I told you I forget things :p

I keep seeing dead trees in places these two have passed through or visited (like Mrs. Jocasta’s yard, though there are green trees in full leaf across the road),…
Is there something about them that’s causing the trees to wither?

Waaaay late on this reply…but that plot arc takes place in November in Missouri, you know. Lots of trees would be wearing their autumn colors or have lost their leaves by that point, though others would take longer or be evergreens.

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