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Skin Deep Hiatus

Skin Deep Hiatus published on 8 Comments on Skin Deep Hiatus

“So Kory, if you finished the Nixie of the Mill-Pond and your Borogove cards haven’t arrived yet, why is Skin Deep still on hiatus?”

Good question, Internet!

My convention season starts off in late February with Furry Fiesta in Dallas, and goes straight through April, which as we all know, is Tax Season! So I am trying to get all my taxes in order before my conventions start. The problem with this is, however that last year was my very first year being a Self-Employed Artist, and I am quickly learning that that makes my taxes WOW SUPER COMPLICATED. I’ve hired a tax person but my records are so unorganized that I am going to spend a long time figuring this all out.

So sorry about the delay with Skin Deep! Reader Questions will go up every day like usual, but I’m not entirely sure when the actual comic is going to start up again! After taxes are over and Borogove is shipped out, which may not be until late February or March.

I hope y’all understand, and thank you for all your patience!

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