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This might be because their midforms are weird and confusing and they don’t tend to bother with it.

It might also be because their pants tend to fall down or sag in embarrassing places. Yeah, yeah, magic, I know, but I seriously doubt it superglues their jeans to their butt-cheeks (such as they are) or keeps gapeage from happening where you really, really don’t want it to. Personally, if I were male and an ichthyocentaur in midform, I’d wear a utilikilt.

So are these related to hippocampus?

That’s actually a pretty good question. I imagine there are many species that are assumed by outsiders to be related, and some that get really huffy about it if anyone gets up the courage to ask – for example, there are some bugganes I won’t mention by name that would probably be extremely insulted if anyone inquired if they were cousins to kelpies or hippocampi (hippocampuses?) or… anything other than other bugganes.

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