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February Reader Question 35

February Reader Question 35 published on 30 Comments on February Reader Question 35

Hey past Kory who drew this! This is present Kory, here to tell you that SKIN DEEP RETURNS FEBRUARY 28TH.  Next week there will be NO Reader Questions as I work to get a couple pages in the can before the comic starts, so this is the last reader question! I think you’re going to like this next chapter!


U better be ready. I’m tired of comment answer drawings

Well I mean I really love dragging things out and NOT drawing comics, but I guess I’ll get back to work now since you said you were tired of the filler.

Hey everyone out there what is the best line used in the skindeep universe?

Orientations, chapter one, page 13, frame 4
Michelle: “What the crap!?”

Seriously!? I was looking for something more eye popping.

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