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Hiatus Time!

Hiatus Time! published on 20 Comments on Hiatus Time!

Skin Deep is going on a hiatus! I won’t lie, it might be kind of long one! But don’t worry, every weekday starting April 16th I’ll be doing READER QUESTIONS!

Patreon supporters will get first crack at asking Reader Questions, but I’ll consider any and all questions to answer, you can ask them right here or on the Patreon post if you’d like!

Other Skin Deep things I’ll be doing during the hiatus:
-Updating the website (sorely needed)
-Putting together the 4th Skin Deep book
-Writing Skin Deep scripts
-Patreon Pin Club

So thank you everyone for your patience! I’m sorry I can’t definitely say when Skin Deep will return, but I’ll be providing updates regularly, so don’t worry!


Congrats on finishing another chapter!

I have a question for Anthony, assuming that he’s had some time to meet more folks in the Avalon (or if the author wants to give him some extra knowledge just for the sake of answering the question–I’d like his options to be open).

If you couldn’t be human, but could choose which creature you are, what would you choose?

I have a question for anyone except Ravi.
Many human myths portray conversations between humans and mythical creatures, and even some mundane animals. And it’s widely acknowledged that in an earlier era of the world, all creatures could speak freely with one another. Why was this hidden?

I have two questions: one, is homeschooling the only option in the Avalons, or do they have their own schools set up inside? Two, is anyone a fan of the obscure superhero Aztek in the skin deep universe?
Love your comic, have for a while, best of luck with the hiatus break thing.

Are Avalons general a safe place for the LGBT mythical community? Are there support groups for the lgbt community or support groups in general for the newly turned/monster/endangered communities? Are there certain holidays that are only celebrated by certain species [not regionally] and if so, what are they?

Any frog based mythical creatures that may show up or would exist in the setting? As someone who feels a strong connection to them im curious what on the mythical side are linked to frogs?

Also are there any pendant races we have not seen? It seems what pendants there are have all been created with no more (for the time being) being created. So seems whatever was in the regions of egypt Europe is it.

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