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On Hiatus!

On Hiatus! published on 64 Comments on On Hiatus!

And with this update the chapter comes to a close! Thank you for reading and have a happy New Year!

The comic will be going on Hiatus until the next chapter is ready, but don’t worry, I’ll be posting Reader Questions starting in January! If you have a question, leave it in a comment to this post! Patreon patrons get first dibs at questions!

Thanks for your patience while we wait for new Skin Deep! Thanks for reading!


I’ve got a question. we’ve seen heraldic creatures and know western dragons are “extinct”, but Chinese dragons aren’t. I’d like to know if the Welsh heraldic red dragon is exempt from extinction for being a heraldic critter, or if its gone with the rest of them. if it is, i’d love to see a Welsh Heraldic Lion!

I’ve a great many questions, but I feel I’ll just leave two here, as they are linked closely, both relating to Kill Them With Kindness.

A: Rhonda says she and Ike are dating because “she put him in a headlock until he said yes”. How literal is that?

B: How much time passes between Exchanges and KTWK/Reunion (which are implied to be concurrent) – KTWK makes it seem like a fair amount of time has passed (enough for those two – who just met – to start dating) but Reunion feels like it’s been barely days.

A: Rhonda seriously takes a shine to Ike in Exchanges chapter 3, so I’m guessing here that she simply did not take ‘no’ for an answer at all from Ike, and that she simply describes that as “I put you in a headlock until you said yes”.

B: When Reunion started there was a discussion about timeline.
The guess is that Exchanges is early August 2004.
KTWK and Reunion are both late August 2004.
So about 2 to 3 weeks passes between Exchanges, and KTWK and Reunion.
Also at the time of KTWK and Reunion, Michelle has yet to encounter the Shade of her father, and receive her Medallion.
Timeline discussion starts here:

Can we get a look at clothes that have been made to accommodate different body parts had by humanoid mythicals or those using midforms (like how shirts/pants would be altered for wings/tails)?

Such modifications are able to be seen throughout the storeis and past RQs.
Here’s some of what I’ve seen.

Shirt modified for wings on the back:
Paul, Exchanges Heartaches pages 29, 31, 32, 33, 35
James, RQ Jan-Feb 2012 number 27

Pants modified for tail:
Blanche, Exchanges Handshakes page 6
Lorne, Exchanges Handshakes page 13
Jim, Exchanges Handshakes page 14
Leah, Exchanges Handshakes page 36
Paul, Exchanges Heartaches page 31
Dermot, Exchanges Hello Goodbye page 5

T-shirts modified for wing-arms:
Anthony, RQ October 2012 number 18
Anthony, Reunion pages 23, 24, 25

Top designed for wing-arms:
Ophelia, Reunion pages 14, 15

Hat modified for horns:
Tim, Exchanges Heartaches pages 14 and 15

Top designed for extra arms.
Bhadraksh, Exchanges Hello Goodbye page 5
Bhadraksh, Illumination chapter 1 page 23

Not all clothes need modifying for midforms though. Some women’s fashion is suitable straight off the rack.
Ordinary halter neck top, useful for wings and arms:
Vadona, Bugbear Talisman page 5
Mary, Illumination chapter 1 page 45

…You either have all of the books on hand or way to much time on your hands.

Actually, it’s both, PJ.
Heaps and heaps of time on my hands, all the books as PDFs, and I’ve downloaded all the individual pages of SkinDeep and the RQs, to my computer for faster reference.
Combine all that with a fairly good memory, and yeah, most times I can come up with the correct info.

That seems little excessive, to have every page and reader question saved to your computer.

Saving every page to my computer is a habit I started back when I started reading online comics. I’ve been doing it for a few weeks short of 19 years now Kory.
It hasn’t been till I started commenting on Skin Deep, that I’ve needed them as references for posts though. It’s a lot faster to be able to look at the pages on the computer, than re-downloading pages, when you need to find one particular page. I just open Windows Explorer to the correct folder, and have it in thumbnail view, then just look at them to find the correct page number I need. Once I have the right page, then it’s get the correct link for the post I’m making.

I already commented my questions on the comic page, but I think that here is the correct place. The question I raise is the prehistoric origin of our fantastic beasts and where they were found (could not resist that joke, having seen the film). Did the human race share an origin with sphinx kind, or are they just parallel evolution at work? Also, do dodo birds have a half-human representation like the ivory billed woodpecker, in the past? The only thing cooler would be a thylacosmilus terror bird griffin based on extinct South American predators!

A Thylacosmilus/Phorusrhacid (terror bird) Uncommon Gryphon would be interesting.
The time periods that Thylacosmilus and Phorusrhacid existed did overlap.
Thylacosmilus was Messinian in the Late Miocene to Piacenzian in the Late Pliocene
Phorusrhacid was Selandian in the Mid Paleocene to Piacenzian in the Late Pliocene
But the Phorusrhacid does not really work for the avian side of a gryphon, since they were flightless.

However, there is a combination of ‘sabre-toothed cat’ and ancient avian raptor that does work. Smilodon and Haast’s Eagle. Their time periods did overlap, and the Haast’s Eagle was not flightless.
On Patreon, Kory has already done such a gryphon.

Is there some kind of natural hierarchy when two unrelated species have children using medallions? Like, if Jim and Merial were to (hypothetically) have kids, would they just get a random mix of griffins and nixies, or how would that work?

Does the legendary community know it’s origins? I’d be curious to see if they know where they came from, be it another plane of existence, natural evolution or creation by old gods like the myths say. Also do any of the species have their own martial arts/arms and armor that take advantage of their natural forms or midforms?

Aside from the Ouzelum Birds, are there any other notably extinct species whose descendents live on in the mythic community?
[Are there any young wyvern hotshots boasting of their draconic glory, despite actually having evolved from pterosaurs? Could the medallion-shop owner with the sickle claws and armored hide essentially be a megatherium, or other ground sloth, whose osteoderms have evolved further, obscurring his ancestry?]

Aside from Harpies, Fauns/Saytrs, Nixies/Nokks, are there other species that are sexually dimorphic? Ex: Do female maned species have manes? Do feathered female species have a more muted plumage? Or do most species share a more universal look across the board, regardless of sex/gender?

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