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Ok so there are pegasus in the Skin Deep universe, but I don’t seem to remember any mention of unicorns? If there are, what do they look like? Does different ones have different horns or powers or anything?

So far most of the “humanable” species of characters are European based mythological creatures. Are there going to be appearances of American mythological species that can appear human, such as Deer Women?

the Totems and are American and I would guess the Totems can take a full human form they can in there myths but I would still love to see more variety Japan, Norse, native American, Egyptian all have so cool types to offer. Most of the Japanese mythological species can transform with a “channeling device” so they would even work with the setup for the comic.

I shall re-ask my reader question here!: Alrighty! I really want to know! Besides Martha, are there any other types of pets that Skin Deep characters can have?

Just noticed this thread, so I’ll repost my question.

Jim isn’t the first Finn to live with the Green Curse. Did his family know that the whole “freakishly tall with permanently long hair” thing was going to happen when he turned sixteen?

I’m guessing that they didn’t *know* Jimothy would be struck with the Green Curse, but rather it’s a possibility looming over the head of every adolescent Finn.

Also, considering that James and Mary Finn were born in the *early* 20th Century, and we’ve just learned that gryphon life-span is about 250 years, most Finn family portraits are going to be paintings, rather than photos.

I wonder: was Phineas the Red one of the Finn ancestors?

Pictures of Jim as a little kid still show him with green hair. They knew he had the Green Curse. I’m really asking how much the Finns know about what the curses entail.

He told Michelle “I grew two feet taller and three feet of hair overnight on my sixteenth birthday.”

Right. He was born with green hair, or, you know, a green tail tip before he had hair. When he turned sixteen, other effects of the curse kicked in, abnormal size and hair growth. Were they aware that this would happen ahead of time?

Curse-bearers are recognizable at a young age. It’s obvious Colin carries the Blue Curse because of his blue tail tip. Their cousins, Timanda and Timantha are only about thirteen but already have brilliantly white and red hair respectively, marking them as the bearers of the White Curse and the Red Curse. Do they know how these curses will evolve as they get older?

Reference for the Tim’s and the rest of the family:

Ok, I’ll ask here too.

Alec’s Father, what he looks like?

How much are mythical creatures slaves to their natures? Are all bugbears creepy, and is it because of an inner drive or because their parents raised them to be creepy? Would an uninformed unturned still obey the nature of the beast they are supposed to be?

Oh, and are unassisted Nemian humans still indestructible?

Doesn’t Greg’s personality kinda answer that first question? I mean, consider how satyrs are generally portrayed. It’s pretty much the polar opposite of Greg.

Though now I’m wondering what Greg would be like if someone actually managed to get a few drinks in him.

From what Greg has said, I get the idea that a lot of his personality is based on a refutation of his family’s rejection of him; first as a bastard, and then as a demonic bastard. Hearing from Jim just how satyrs usually act simply gives him more info about what he doesn’t want to be.

How accurate does that sound? Kory? Anyone?

Sounds about right to me.
I figure creatures’ personalities work just like human ones, a combination of nature and nurture. Certain natures may show up more often in certain types of creature, but like any generalization, there are exceptions. Consider how Rupert moved out of Wonderland because his personality didn’t mesh well with the place in spite of being a species that has pretty much always lived there and being raised there himself.
Also, being raised in a creature family probably encourages children to embrace certain parts of their natures growing up that may have been so emphasized if they had been raised human. An Unturned Bugbear that was raised human could still have a love of creepy stuff, but may not make that love as intensely part of their lives as we’ve seen Alec and Myra do.

Can we please see some characters for the new arc? Or if you want to keep it a secret or the aren’t new can you draw something that would PISS OFF Elise?

Seeing as he apparently trimmed his feathers, does Anthony have no intention of even trying to fly?

Trimmed his feathers? Since when?

This hasn’t actually happened in the comic yet, just shown in a few drawings by Sfe Monster, who created Tony. Frankly, there’s a chance it will never happen because the story evolves with the telling. In the, fairly likely, event that it does happen, I’m sure Tony’s reasons will be explained then.

When Madum U was listing birds some of them confused me. Could you please draw some of the weirder birds like Simurghs,Stymphalians, and Quetzocoatl?

Simurghs and stymphalians are both from Greek mythology. The simurgh was a giant bird of wisdom, while stymphalians are man-eating birds with bronze beaks and sharp metallic feathers which they can throw.

Quetzocoatl is the divine or semi-divine feathered serpent of Aztec myth.

I’m curious, so I’ll ask. Religion? Do the monster freaks of nature have them? I mean, some of them are creatures from various religions, but do any of them have any prefs, or what?

Also, why haven’t they bred humans out of existence? Or have they, but nobody knows since they won’t turn without an amulet? I mean, you establish that their lines are always dominant, and at least gryphons and Nem Lions can have more than one child a generation.

What’s wrong with mythical folk following religions of some sort? It’s already been established that much of what humans “know” about them is wrong. Why can’t the roles some of them are given in sacred lore also be distorted?

I suspect that the diverse population of mythical folk encompass a range of faiths that give new meaning to “that olde time religion”. The L.A. includes what looks like a disused or at least ill-repaired Celtic Christian church. Mary Finn said she knew Jimothy didn’t follow the same “old ways” as her and James, which include Hestia shrine devotion. Jim casually uses Christian blasphemy, which he apparently picked up from the nominally Christian culture of the humans around them.

As to the breeding rate, they aren’t cranking them out as rapidly as they might. For example, Mary’s first, Paul, was born/hatched three days after her 69th birthday.

Still, the Unturned can make up at least a large minority of the “human” population. Many of them likely trace back to multiple species, making it a crap shoot which way they might eventually Turn.

I didn’t say they couldn’t have them, I was just curious about which ones, if any. I know several in this day and age who don’t, and while the comic seems to be set in at least what we’d consider modern times, sometimes it seems more ninties and early 2000s than later. I was just curious about which religions they might have, since they’re sometimes figures in them. We already saw a Centaur debating some Religious stuff about the creation of his species, so I was interested.

And interesting…they require a medallion to turn them, right? Or can a spell do it? If so, does the spell have to be touch, or can it be transmitted via distance, if so, does it need to be single target, or can it hit every unturned in a certain radius. Heck, could a spell affect medallioned Mystic Animal things, and change them back?

Again, more out of curiosity than anything, but it would make for a great supervillain plot, right? One spell unveils all the monsters living among us to create a panic, and then … and finally PROFIT!!!

Here’s my two cents, based on my understanding of what’s been posted.

First, some mythical creatures are shape-shifters, and don’t need medallions to disguise themselves as humans. They include bugganes, nagas, and totems. (It occurs to me to doubt there are very many such among the Unturned.)

Second, a medallion is a physical receptacle of a complex and powerful spell, keyed to a particular species. If a medallion is touched by a member of that species who doesn’t already have a medallion, a link is established which lasts for the rest of that individual’s life. After that touch, the medallion simply needs to be within an as-yet-unspecified range in order to grant control of the person’s apparent form.

Judging by what happened with the Jocastas and their “good luck” heirloom, that apparent form does not revert when the medallion moves out of range. Rather, Jon Lyon would be temporarily locked into whatever form he’s in while the Elders hold his confiscated medallion. Likewise, an air traveler is safe from unmasking while he passes through the metal detector.

I doubt there’s any area-effect spell powerful enough to override all medallion spells, even just inherited ones, within a given range, or even a spell to only disrupt the inherited medallion spells of a single species in any but a very limited range.

If your hypothetical super-villain, did manage, for example, to unmask all the Unturned satyrs in a section of his target city, I suspect that the medallion-using mythical types in the area would track him down, possibly with bugbear help, and stop his nefarious scheme before he could do any more damage.

Ah, but by then, the damage is mostly done. Sure, most people will caulk it up to paranoia or hallucination, but somewhere out there, you’ve revealed something to a large cross section. Worse for the ones who were never aware of their nature suddenly changed into something else.

And that’s also when you break out the failsafe. Depending on how the spell works, you might be able to set it up so it fires off at a specific time. Say, the final thing is putting a feather in a circle. Just have the feather suspended above, and make a mechanism for release that will let it go at the right time.

If you are caught, well, it’s as the old Baron once said, “Why build only one bomb? When two work just as well?” Have more than one of these things setup, and you can then get caught, and make threats at the same time. Sure, everyone breaks eventually, but the problem is breaking the hypothetical villain in time.

Of course, that begs the question of profit. What does a human or anyone gain in this scenario? Mind, it would be a lot of fun, as technically, you’ve only opened the can of worms and let the scene play as it will, but how does this benefit our super villain?

Three things come to mind. One, if he has a grudge against some jerk ass centaur who stole his lunch money in the third grade, then ran off through a field faster than the human could, leaving him lost in the woods, scared and alone for three days, nearly dying of dehydration, and then getting clawed by a bear, and I WILL KILL YOU FOUR LEGGED FREAK, AND YOU WILL….er, this is all still completely hypothetical of course. But revenge against someone who slighted you would be the pettiest.

Two would simply be the revelation of the larger world. This would be an ostensibly noble goal, trying to force people to recognize that there is more in heaven and earth than is dreamt of. This does imply said super villain believes that humanity would accept the creatures now, more so than before, though how anyone that naive survived primary school is beyond me.

Third would be to demand something of the community. Make them know that you basically have the equivalent of a flare gun, to shoot up and reveal them to the world, making the first test small, say a tiny town which is already kind of aware of the many different creatures. Then get caught, and point out that you might have many such spells ready to drop in say, an hour. No time to find them, only he can help you, and if he’s wrong, it might actually be less time than that, so his demands better be met quickly.

There’s a couple things I’m understanding differently so I’ll throw my two cents in.

You said, “Judging by what happened with the Jocastas and their “good luck” heirloom, that apparent form does not revert when the medallion moves out of range. Rather, Jon Lyon would be temporarily locked into whatever form he’s in while the Elders hold his confiscated medallion.”

The Jocasta medallion was in the box to prevent Turnings. Michelle and Michel and likely every Jocasta since the Great War were born human, and a sphinx Turning releases too much magical energy to go unnoticed. What happened to Michelle in Orientations, the demons and the dragon and the kidnapping and all? Some variation of it would likely have happened to any Jocasta who Turned after the family went into hiding. They lived with the Unturned, no-medallion-needed-at-all spell. When did the family go from actively hiding, keeping the medallion around in case they needed one of them to be able to access their powers, to just thinking they were humans with an odd family heirloom? I’m sure we’ll find out when Michelle does.

A Turned creature who has their medallion taken from them is sans any hiding magic at all, as I understand it. When Jon has his medallion revoked, he’s on all fours for the duration. At the very least, this seems more like a punishment. Jon stuck as a lion is unable to leave the Avalon or earn his living. Jon locked in a form of his choosing (and any fair process of revoking a medallion would involve some sort of hearing and thus time for him to get into the form of his choosing) is just a bit more annoyed than usual. Considering that Lorne mentions that revoking Jon’s medallion would be a suitable punishment for Jon attempting to assault Leah with a keyboard and super-strength, I sure hope it equals more than a mild annoyance.

This is how I see it too. Making my….I mean, our hypothetical villain’s plan that much worse. Seeing a few human shaped people would scare the crud out of the populace, a few gryphons, neriads, and the like though? That would cause one heck of a panic. Sure, as I noted above, probably be swept under the rug, especially if there’s a few in positions of power(Implied, but not stated, and may have been referring only to such positions among the…thing community).

If you’re curious, I’m working on Fanfiction for this comic, and I’m plotting something. Not specifically this, but perhaps something. For now, I’ve introduced a Hunter, a human who makes prey of the freak types, though even then, he’s an oddity.

If an out-of-range medallion doesn’t lock its wearer into whatever form they’re currently in, the original Jocasta sphinx-in-hiding would have had to keep carrying the medallion or risk unmasking as soon as they take one step too many away from it. Either way, later generations simply need to not touch the heirloom trinket.

If getting out of range causes reversion to fullform and the range is too short, imagine the scene at airport security: Jim takes off his medallion and places it on the belt to pass through the scanner with his carry-on, then steps through the metal detector. He gets too far from the medallion, and >phwoosh< he's a big furry monster with wings and claws.

If Jon is locked into any form but human, he can't report to his D.J. job outside the L.A., where he earns his money. If he can't access the midform he seems so comfortable in, he'll be seriously annoyed, at least. (He doesn't really do *mildly* annoyed very well, does he?)

Why is it a problem that the first Jocasta in hiding had to wear the medallion? They just needed to make sure no one in the family touched it after the one using the medallion died. It doesn’t even seem to have any markings to identify it. Centuries ago, it could easily be hidden or explained.

We don’t know the range. It may be enough to handle security checkpoints. If it isn’t, medallion wearers could have faked medical or not-so-faked religious reasons to request alternative searches. Procedures are in place to handle people with things like metal splints implanted in their bones. They may not even have to do that. I’ve worn a silver necklace though many airport scanners without setting them off.

As for Jon, I repeat my argument above. Any fair process of revoking his medallion gives him time to get into human form. If it’s a simple mode-lock in mode-of-choice, he can go about his life pretty much unhindered. Revoking a medallion is mentioned as a fitting punishment for attempted *assault with a deadly weapon*. (Yes, with super-strength behind it a solidly-built keyboard counts.) If he were human, Jon could have been *jailed* for that. As it is, human prisons would have a hard time holding him, so confining him to the Avalon without a means of earning his living is the best there’s going to be.

Are alces/keythongs a thing, or did some human long ago just get the appearance of reverse-gryphons down wrong? (Becuase I can totally see a human hearing about a reverse-gryphon, deciding that that was simply too silly, and threw some golden spikes on their illustrative efforts in an attempt to make this “wingless” gryphon more badass.)

I know I asked this before, but I think I asked in the wrong place….

I know you mentioned that you were trying to get into the more uncommon creatures in Skin Deep, and so far only one dragon has made an appearance, but I’m curious, if dragons have a medallion, and what their community is like in the Skin Deep world?

So, uh, since we’re from The Near Future, is there anything any of you would want to know that would be common knowledge in the Future? Maybe any trends, major disasters (man made or otherwise), stock market weirdness, etc.? Buuuut, if you want to know something, you have to come up with the category and specific question… after all, just telling you stuff would be too easy!

Hi there! First comment I’ve ever made here, but I’ve been wondering this for a bit; Why is Michelle a Grecian sphinx if her dad was an Egyptian sphinx? Also, is the sphinx medallion just a general sphinx (instead of being Grecian/Egyptian specific)?

Love the story, by the way.

Since we already know some Pegasi feelings on the story of Pegasus from Greek myth, what are some Jellicle Cat opinions on Cats: The Musical?

I noticed that the chain Elise has running from her ear to her nose grows longer when she goes to midform. Is it special enchanted jewelry, or does it naturally change because of her medallion? Is transforming jewelry a common item amongst mythical creatures? (apart from their medallions, of course)

I think it’s been mentioned that the medallion’s illusion extends to particularly noticeable elements in clothing. Elise’s chain is really as long as it needs to be to accommodate her horse head. The illusion that makes her look human also makes it look like the chain is only as long as necessary for her human head.

Another example would be in Orientations. When we see the back of Jim’s shirt when he’s in midform, it clearly has slits for his wings and buttons holding those slits closed. When we see him as a human in that exact same shirt, there is no evidence of any of that.

If a medallion-user in human form puts on clothing or jewelry that can only fit that human shape, it disappears to whatever place Michelle’s pants go to when in a form that the item doesn’t fit.

Can we get more information on centaurs? Do they get medalians? Are they all herbavores or is that just Zech? Are they an all-male species as they’re just men in greek myths? (females exist in pictures, but i can’t remember any stories of them ;;) Do they have a connection to zodiac sign sagittarius at all?
And for that matter, are there any other ‘taurs?

If centaurs don’t have medallions, can you imagine how difficult it would be for Zech to travel from the U.S. to Liverpool? In “Exchanges”, he seems to be wearing it tucked under his shirt.

There’s no indication that centaurs are strictly male. It’s hard to judge a species from a sample of one. (The question of whether Zech is an herbivore or a vegetarian is open for now.) There are female centaurs in the Xanth novels by Piers Anthony, but that’s another spin on the mythology (which I strongly recommend reading).

My first guess would be that centaurs prefer wide open places that carry labels like prairie, veldt, steppe, or outback.

It occurs to me that, while the primary purpose of a medallion is to disguise the wearer as a human, a centaur might find situations where a horse is the preferred disguise. If a centaur’s medallion allows that, the true form is in fact the midform.

I wondered that as well, but with magic and beasties…maybe there’s a behind the scenes sea monster ferry service or teleportation or something. The wonderlanders got to the Liverpool Avalon somehow!

Ah, I meant I can’t remember any Greek myths with female centars (I keep thinking there was at least one, but I can’t recall it at all). The Xanth novels are quite good, though! I should reread those.

I was also wondering that if centaurs had a midform if it’d be sort of like a horse-satyr. I sort of assume they wouldn’t have one, but the idea of them turning into horses with their medallions is an interesting one. You’d have to expand it to see if other part-mundane-animal creatures could turn into their mundane kin, but it seems the medallions are much more geared towards fitting in among humans.

I suppose the low-budget style of transoceanic travel is to use nixie essence. (Can you picture it?)

The ancient Greeks probably figured they were describing encounters with warrior stallions, while the mares were back at the herd with the foals.

The midform you suggest was known as an ipotane. You don’t often hear about them, but an ipotane is supposed to have taught Bachus how to drink. I’m guessing they’ll be classed as equine satyrs in Kory’s system.

And, yeah, I doubt that medallions allow centaurs to disguise themselves as mundane horses. It’s just a fun idea to play with.

Here’s a question for Jim or any griffin: Question on BEAKS.
How does it feel when you’re in total human form and don’t have a beak? Do you eat different foods? Can you cope with different food textures? Do some foods taste different? Do you prefer eating with or without a beak? I realise you have teeth as well as a beak, at least in midform… Is that your preferred food-eating mouth shape?

what is Leah from Hello, Goodbye

I got confused over Gabe’s race when I looked at the parentheses next to it -his race was referred to as ‘Angel (Powers Choir)’- so I looked up what the Powers Choir does (because I was stupid and curious if Gabe actually sung). Then I figured out that angel choirs have nothing to do with singing!

I tried figuring a bit more out, but after a bit trying to figure out the choirs confused me and I gave up.

Gabe, could you give us any clearer information regarding the angel hierarchy and what each of the choirs is like?

I have four questions:

1.) Are there Tengu in the SkinDeep canon, and if so what would they look like? (Full form and mid form)

2.) Have you ever had that random, partly disturbing question pop into your head, where you begin to wonder how you came to think of it, and then you decide to figure out? i.e. What does my underwear smell like?

3.) What does your underwear smell like? Honestly, I’m curious because frankly, I dropped my phone into my underwear once when I was getting dressed after a shower, and then I smelled it, and it made me think to smell the underwear… Well… Long story, short. My underwear smelled like graphite and cinnamon. I’m still baffled.

4.) How do you feel about fanart, and if you could request any fanart of SkinDeep, what would it be?

When Madame U is trying to determine what Anthony is turning into, she says at one point, “Tengu? But no again. Tengus _magic_. Cast illusions, not shapeshift.”

That tells us that tengus exist in the Skin Deep universe. It also differs from other sources, which describe them as shape-shifters. Those sources (at least my copy of _Yokai_Attack!_the_Japanese_Monster_Survival_Guide_) also describe two forms of tengu: Karasu-tengu and Hanadaka-tengu . I infer that she was mostly considering the Karasu-tengu.

Whether by illusion or shape-shifting, it seems that tengus can disguise themselves without medallions.

I agree that it would be good to see how Kory draws them. Were any of Leah’s childhood friends tengus or other kinds of yokai?

I was just wondering if I could leave a link to a website my friend and I made. Its a story we both write and it would be so awesome and mean so much to me if I could put a link here. We really want this story to work and get out there. If you’re interested please email me. Sorry I didn’t know how else to contact you and I’m hoping you read this. And the website is Please let me know!

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