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2018 Reader Question 123

2018 Reader Question 123 published on 22 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 123

I’ve gotten a LOT of questions about “are these monsters from Pathfinder in Skin Deep” or “are these creatures from Dungeons and Dragons in Skin Deep” and the answer is noooooooooo. Unless they share a common basis in mythology or folklore like bugbears, they are not on the table for Skin Deep creatures. Those creatures are the property of their games! It would be both illegal and super immoral to steal them for my own story!


I know you must be tired of these questions but, are Serpopards in skin deep?

I’ve got a bit of headcanon about Gremlins that I’d like to know if it makes sense. First off, are there Brownies in Skin Deep? (A bit of a tangent, but what about the elves from the elves and the shoemaker?) I heard that Gremlins popped up in one of the World Wars, but what if they’re corrupted Brownies?

Which begs the question of the chicken and the egg… mythical animals first, or people’s belief in them?
Because if belief (at some level) was the source, who’s to say that A Very Long Time From Now (conveniently after copyright isn’t a problem anymore) those creatures couldn’t be real?

That said, the Game Nerd in my brain kinda wants a nice bullet-point list of what YOUR Bugbears can do so I can write up game stats for THEM.

The rest of my brain is telling Game Nerd to go sit in a corner and think about what he’s done.

We’ve seen a few aquatic-ish folk in Skin Deep…could/would the Oklahoma Octopus exist in Skin Deep, or is it too “normal, just out of place”? I’m guessing the Lawton Deer Man is a bugbear that maybe just hitched a ride down I-44 from the Ozarks? Wait. Have any bugbear’s been to the Ozarks?

Do you include nordic mythical beast, as for example Skogsrå (swedish translates as siren of the woods). She looks like a beautiful woman, but with a fox tail hoved feet. She has a hollow back and when she turns around she disappears by looking like a tree, a rock etc. She can control the forest creatures and will lead humans astray if they anger her or hurt the forest.

Wait, the tarasque is a creature from mythology. It’s from Southern France and looks nothing like the one in D&D, but it does exist.

This video( Is where I learnt about it. And here is a wiki article:

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