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The Ozarks Crew

First Appearance - Orientations Page 1IlluminationHomecomingRidiculous CreaturesThe One-Eyed Bear pg 1Michelle Jocasta
Michelle is the only known Grecian Sphinx, a mysterious species that was believed to have gone extinct back in the Middle Ages. Michelle didn’t want anything to do with sphinxes or the mythical creature community at all, but she’s starting to accept her role and actively understand the mystery she’s been dumped into.

First Appearance - OrientationsFiddler's CaveThe One-Eyed BearHomecomingIlluminationGregory Tragos
Greg is a an insecure Satyr. He cares deeply for his friends, especially his girlfriend, Michelle. He went to high school with Merial and she was the first mythical creature he had ever met, besides himself. Thanks to a broken medallion, his goat-ears are never hidden, and has to wear hats when disguised as human.

merialmerial3merial4merial2Merial McMinnus
Merial is an enthusiastic Nixie who tries to see the positive in every situation. She loves the mythical community and is excited to learn anything and everything about it. She sees Jim as her connection to the larger community and hangs on his every word. Her parents own a cabin in a river valley in the woods, and the group hangs out there every weekend so they can be themselves in peace.

jim2jim8jim5jim3Jimothy James Finn
Jim is a member of the Finn family, one of the oldest and most distinguished mythical families in England. Jim is an Opinicus, one of the many subspecies of gryphon. Jim met Michelle, Greg, and Merial while going to school in Missouri for a year. He picked Missouri because he didn’t realize how big America was and thought he could take weekend trips to New York and Los Angeles. Lorne is his oldest and closest friend, although things are a little tense after Jim broke up with him before leaving for America.

 michaelmichael4michael5michael3michael2Michael Jocasta
Michael is Michelle’s father. He died when she was very young, but lately she’s been visited by his Shade to deliver cryptic, frustrating messages that Michelle has been trying to decode.

janisjanis2Janice Jocasta
Michelle’s mother raised Michelle by herself after the tragic death of her husband Michael. When Michelle revealed to her that she was a sphinx, Janice put on a strong face for her daughter and is trying to accept everything.

momoThe Missouri Monster
According to legend, the Missouri Monster, or Momo, is a Skunk Ape that roamed Missouri during the ’70s and harassed old ladies eating peanut butter sandwiches.

That’s true, look it up.

Gabe is an Angel. There’s not much else known about Gabe. They appear to be begrudgingly helping Michelle stay safe from the demons that are following her. They appear to be incredibly powerful, but it takes a lot for them to want to use any of them.

The Grim Brothers
Azreal, Mikhail, and Damien are three Demon brothers who have been tasked to capture Michelle and bring her back to some mysterious leader of theirs. They were coming to the mortal plane via a close-by Hellmouth that Gabe destroyed, making it very difficult for them to come back any time soon.

bloodcarverThe Bloodcarver
Dragons are supposed to be extinct, but much like Michelle and the sphinxes, that doesn’t seem to be true. Sent to capture Michelle for unknown reasons, Bloodcarver had a change of heart and let her go before completing his mission. He has insinuated that he’s not the only dragon out there, but so far the crew has not seen evidence of others.

myra2myramyra3Myra Reinkemeyer
A malcontent Bugbear who makes a living working odd seasonal jobs, Myra met Michelle’s group while working as a scarer at a haunted corn maze during Halloween. Like Greg, her medallion is broken, leaving her left eye permanently bugbear-y. She wears an eyepatch over it when pretending to be a human.

marshallmarshall2 Marshall Cortis
This Totem Raven spends his time wandering around the country collecting stories to share with his best friend, Eustace. He likes to turn himself into an unkindness of ravens because he thinks it looks really cool.

eustace2springfieldavaloneustace Eustace Swiftrunner
The owner of the Springfield Avalon, Eustace is a Totem Fox that doesn’t get out often. He relies on his best friend Marshall to tell him stories of things he’d never do himself.

olivoryOl’ Ivory
Totem animals are tied to their animals, and if their animal goes extinct, so does the Totem. As an Ivory-Billed Woodpecker Totem, Ol’ Ivory doesn’t know how much longer he has to live. He’s been taking care of the Dogpatch Avalon’s monster sentries for as long as anyone can remember, but lately he’s been delegating out his responsibilities to Ricky and Obi.

hankHenry Feebay
Hank might be a small and adorable Chickadee Totem but he’s very concerned about the safety of the Dogpatch Avalon. When Gabe visits the Avalon, Hank becomes his escort and tries his very best to do a good job. He is a very helpful bird!

nightmare3nightmare2 The Nightmare
A being made of shadows and a horse skull, the Nightmare preys on her victims by trapping them in terrible hallucinations of their worst fears and sucking out their life force while they are asleep. She was sent by the Grim Brothers to capture Michelle, but was defeated by Myra. Nightmare actually belongs to Ol’ Ivory and acts as a sentry for the Dogpatch Avalon, but was stolen by the demons and later returned by Gabe.

obirickyRichard Vogt and Obidiah Tragos
Ricky and Obi are a Nokk and a Satyr being trained by Ol’ Ivory to take his place as the animal-handlers for the Dogpatch Avalon’s sentries. Obi is technically related to Greg, but the Tragos family is very large and they’ve never met. Obi was possessed by Damien Grim in order to steal the Nightmare away from Dogpatch and sic her on Michelle.

hellmouthhellhoundThe Hellmouth
A portal to Dis, the home of demons. The Grim Brothers used the Hellmouth located in Not Much Sink cave near the Dogpatch Avalon to return to the mortal plane every time Gabe or Michelle banished them back to their own plane. Gabe destroyed the Hellmouth, so the Grim Brothers will have to find a new Hellmouth to return.

 The Liverpool Crew

jim7jim4jim3 Jimothy James Finn
Jim is a member of the Finn family, one of the oldest and most distinguished mythical families in England. Jim is an Opinicus, one of the many subspecies of gryphon. Lorne is his oldest and closest friend, although things are a little tense after Jim broke up with him before leaving for America. Jim suffers from the “Finn Curse,” a misunderstood magical affliction that makes him abnormally tall and have long green hair that regrows immediately upon getting cut.

lornelorne3Lorne Peregrine Lyon
Lorne and Jim have been inseparable best friends since they were children. As a Nemean Lion, he may be impervious to all physical harm, but that doesn’t mean his feelings can’t get hurt. And they get hurt a lot. Primarily by Jim. His brother, Jon, is kind of a pill.

anthony2anthony John Anthony Gillis
Anthony was enjoying a nice human life with his nice human friend, Blanche, but then Blanche had to ruin it by being a big friggin deer. He accidentally broke a spell that he didn’t know was on him while touring the Liverpool Avalon with Blanche and turned into a big bird monster, which he later found out was a Harpy. According to all known laws of magic, Anthony should be human, but magic really loves to not follow rules, apparently. Created by Sfé Monster.

blanche4blanche2Blanche Noir
Blanche goes to a human school, and his best friend, Anthony, is (supposed to be) a human. After a lot of thought, he decided to tell Anthony that he was actually a White Stag and show him the life he had been hiding from him for so long. Blanche blames himself for Anthony’s current situation and is trying to make things right, but forgiveness is a slow process. Created by Sfé Monster.

opheila4ophelia2ophelia Ophelia Gillis
Anthony’s mother is a human. Well, she’s a Human now. She didn’t used to be, and not all love stories end happily ever after. Created by Sfé Monster.

 Adelle Noir
Blanche’s mother is a piebald Peryton, and it’s lucky she has wings so she can teach Anthony how to properly take care of his. She’s graciously opened her house to Anthony so he has a place to stay while he’s figuring out his whole…harpy thing. Created by Sfé Monster.

mary3mary2mary Mary Hadlam Finn
The functioning head of the Finn Family, Mary is a Common Gryphon who, after raising four rambunctious children, is wise to just about any sort of shenanigan that can be pulled. She keeps her family in line and functioning. She grew up in Wonderland, but she doesn’t have many favorable things to say about it.

jamesjames2james3James Phineas Finn
This Opinicus is the technical head of the Finn Family. James used to work at a circus in the 1930s with his best friend Django, but takes it easy these days. He has several old injuries, including a cracked beak, torn ear, and amputated wings and tail, alluding to some past hardships.

colin3colin Colin James Finn
The youngest of the four Finn brothers, Colin just got his medallion and he’s so super stoked that he’s got “weird hair” like his big brother Jim. He’s gifted with elemental water magic, and has taken to it very quickly.

tobias2tobiasTobias James Finn
Tobias is the only Common Gryphon of his siblings and he constantly thinks everybody holds it against him. As the second youngest, between Colin and Jim, Tobias has a serious inferiority complex mixed with some good old fashioned teen angst. His grumpiness is a magnet for brotherly ribbing.

paul2paul Paulbert James Finn
Paul is the oldest of the four Finn brothers. According to Finn Tradition, Paul was supposed to travel abroad before returning home to take the job of “Cavern Guardian” from his father, but Paul had no interest in traveling, happy to just staying home and doing his job managing bands around the Liverpool Avalon with his best friend Jon. Jim decided to go abroad in Paul’s stead.

martha2martha3Martha Finn
The Finn Family Pet for a couple generations now, Martha once belonged to Jimothy the Elder, Jim’s grandfather. She loved her owner so much that when she died her Spirit stayed attached to her collar. She’ll remain a loyal friend to the Finns as long as there are Finns. Or until they treat her badly, nobody’s super sure how ghosts work.

jon Jonathan Merrywhether Lyon
A malcontent Nemean Lion and Paul’s best friend. Jon basically raised his younger brother Lorne by himself and is very protective of him. He is also protective of the Finns, who he sees as his adoptive family. He might be a little racist. Species-ist? He doesn’t trust monsters.

The Liverpool Avalon’s resident Sorcerer, Tim co-owns a popular nightclub called the Underground with his wife, Abbie. Although he’s a Human, Tim’s magical experiments have backfired on him a couple of times, resulting in a pair of ram horns growing out of his head. Ever since then, Tim’s been a lot more careful about the magic he uses. Magic is a fickle force, and Tim isn’t about to mess around with stuff he doesn’t fully understand.

 abbieabbie2Abigail Okypete
Co-owner of the Underground, Abbie is a bubbly Welsh Harpy who is friends with nearly everyone. She and her husband Tim try to help Anthony out when he turns into a bird monster. She seems to enjoy a moderate amount of respect in the Avalon despite her “monster” status.

alec2alecalec4Alec Orville Hyde
Alec is a very traditional Bugbear, and as a traditional bugbear, that means that he lives to scare and unnerve everyone around him. He patrols the outer halls of the Liverpool Avalon, keeping unwanted humans from seeing anything they’re not supposed to. He is best friends with Ike, and plays bass in his band, the Boney Kings of Nowhere. Originally created by Sheana Molloy.

ike3ike4ike5 Petrus Isaac Sanford
The only known Buggane/Manticore Hybrid, Ike has a huge chip on his shoulder about his entire…everything. Hybrids are not supposed to exist, as the children of two different species are supposed to be one species or the other, not both. Manticores very much not trusted by other mythical creatures, but luckily his buggane blood allows him to shapeshift. His mother is a very traditional buggane, and has treated Ike very badly all through his childhood. His girlfriend Rhonda is trying to bring him out of his shell and see the good in himself. Originally created by Sheana Molloy.

rhondarhonda2rhonda3Rhonda May Phelton
A Bohemian Lion that just moved to the Liverpool Avalon and is looking for her place. She makes her living primarily off of busking, and has recently taken a shine to the Avalon’s resident hybrid, Ike. She deals with conflict with her tried and true “kill them with kindness” technique. Originally created by Sheana Molloy.

lynnhoraceleecyanThe Sanford Family
Ike’s Buggane family from London that recently moved to the Liverpool Avalon in order to be around more “traditional” mythical culture. His mother, Lynn, is a passive-aggressive buggane who knows what’s best for everyone. His step-father, Horace, and half-sibling Lee and Cyan, are all very pleasant, despite Lynn’s attempts. Originally created by Sheana Molloy.

django2 django3Django Henja
This Bohemian Lion can usually be found hanging outside one of the entrances to the Liverpool Avalon, making sure no humans get in. While that sounds exciting, it mostly involves him sitting around and reading the paper all day. Django worked in a circus in America during the 1930s with his best friend James, but unlike James, Django remembers the time fondly.

 stanleyThe Stanley Dock Monster
“Where does all the garbage from the Liverpool Avalon go?” Well, Stanley eats it. She eats anything. She lives in the dock waters surrounding the Liverpool Avalon, keeping watch and staying out of sight. And eating garbage. Is she some sort of plesiosaur? Is she the same thing as the Loch Ness Monster? Is the Loch Ness Monster real, too? So many questions.

lilyLily Snodgrass
Lily is a Glaistig that means business, and by business I mean pranks. Her greatest goal in life is to prank Alec, as bugbears have a reputation of being unflappable. She has a habit of dragging her friend Dean into her shenanigans, but she knows he secretly loves it.

deandean2 Dean Daud
A Chechen Wolf with questionable taste in friends, Dean spends most of his time trying to keep Lily from making bad decisions. He usually fails. How does he keep getting roped into her shenanigans?

eleanorEleanor McLean Mothersbaugh XIII
Eleanor is a Frumious Bandersnatch, one of the many creatures unique to the Wonderland Avalon. Prejudice against bandersnatches are another thing unique to the Wonderland Avalon, and why Eleanor and her best friend Rupert left.

rupertrupert2 Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald
A Jub-Jub Bird from the Wonderland Avalon, Rupert came to the Liverpool Avalon with his friend Eleanor. Rupert is the living embodiment of Nervousness, and it doesn’t help that his cousin Jim just loves to wind him up. Created by Sfé Monster!

samSamuel Harold Ainesborough
Sam Hain is a Reverse Gryphon. Or at least, he is super absolutely sure he’s a reverse gryphon, but his Turning didn’t “work” and he’s stuck as a human. Everybody else just thinks he’s a regular ol’ human, though, like his mother. So now he’s apprenticing under Tim to learn magic and fix his broken medallion. Originally created by Sheana Molloy.

dermot Dermot Aaron Ainesborough
Sam Hain’s little brother Dermot is a Reverse Gryphon that works at Greensleeves Café. Unlike his brother, Dermot had a successful Turning when he was a child and is a proper Reverse Gryphon. Sam would never say it, but he holds it against him. Originally created by Sheana Molloy.

Belonging to an obscure species described by Prestor John as The Noseless Ones, Bhadraksh is a big weird scarab from India who works for Ravi. He’s rumored to sneak out of the Avalon disguised in a wig and a big coat to pass as human.

royce Royce Carmikal
An Uncommon Gryphon with elaborate tattoos and an hobby of sitting around and antagonizing his friends. Royce owns a tattoo parlor in the Liverpool Avalon, but makes a good amount of income from bar bets. He seems to have very fine control over his medallion magic. Created by Sfé Monster.

Jack is a Jackalope from America that plays guitar and does reckless stunts for extra money. He and Royce often spar off for fun and money, but Jack displays far more natural magic than most other Avalon residents, so he ends up winning the bets. He came to the Liverpool Avalon with his friend and bandmate, Zech.

zechZech Smith
A Centaur that came to the Liverpool Avalon from America with his friend Jack, Zech is the frontrunner and guitarist of the band The Four Horsemen. The band played at Jim’s going away party. He’s good friend with Elise, yet nobody is entirely sure why. He seems upset that the myths about centaurs gets everything so wrong.

elise2eliseElise Madison Driver
Elise is a Pterippi that is profoundly unhappy with the injustices in mythical society, but doesn’t know what to do about any of it. So she’s frustrated and surly, and takes it out on those around her. She has a large tattoo of Medusa’s head on her back, for symbolic reasons.

daviddavid2 Pierce David Haywood
An Ouzelum Bird that spends most of his day stealing fries from other people like some sorta Disneyland starling, David has the voice of an angel and the common sense of, again, a starling. He can fly backwards, though, so good for him? Originally created by Sheana Molloy.

Phoenix says he’s a Phoenix but maybe he’s not? Who knows. One thing is certain, he hangs out with Royce and Jack and likes to make fun of Sam Hain because his reactions are “funny.” He’s never shown any magical abilities, but also doesn’t seem super phased when witnessing magic, either. What is even his deal, yeah? Weird. Created by Sfé Monster.

madamu2madamuVadoma Winifred Euryale
A Gorgon with a very low threshold for nonsense, Madam U owns Prestor John’s, the only place in the Liverpool Avalon that sells medallions. Gorgons have the ability to turn others to stone, but Madam U is blind, so she has lost that ability. She has also lost the ability to give a shit about your problems.

ravi2ravi Ravi
The owner of Ravi’s House of Eastern Curiosities, Ravi has been a shop owner in the Liverpool Avalon since the 1980s. Unbeknownst to just about everyone, Ravi is actually a Yakṣa, an immortal earth spirit. He has a history with the Liverpool Avalon and also the Finn Family, being the one responsible for the Finn Curse. He was allegedly a friend of Phineas the Red, the first Finn. He’s been claiming a lot of farfetched things, though, so who knows how much truth is behind any of it. He’s weird.

Other Yahoos
Jocasta and Wosret, ancient sphinxes and, in case of Jocasta, Michelle’s ancestor. They made the magical medallions everybody seems to want so badly. Phineas is the first of the Finn Line, which is a very prestigious title for a huge doofus loudmouth.




I don’t think Sam’s a gryphon or a human. One of the most intrinsic wrinkles in the medallion game is lost false humans. It’s really kind of surprising to me he’s never thought to sort through Madame U’s stock just to be through or even just finding a different reverse gryphon medallion? He just seems so fixated on the supposedly broken one around his neck.

Maybe he has and his mom’s side is non-medallion in origin? No, that would have been the harpy boy incident all over again right? Still it would be just amazing if he ended up as something profoundly absurd, like the second to last sphinx? That would be downright hilarious :)

If i recall from somewhere in orientations, greg said something
like “once you get a medallion, theres no switching or redos. your stuck with the one you have.

That would expain why Sam and Greg haven’t gotten new medallions yet.

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