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Nixie Spit

Nixie Spit published on 42 Comments on Nixie Spit

I couldn’t wait until Tuesday to post the first page of the next comic, so everybody gets to see it a few days early!

Nixie Spit is the name of the new story, and it stars Jim and Merial. Dang, we haven’t seen Merial for awhile! For you continuity buffs, this story takes place shortly after the fourth chapter of Orientations. Summer stays long in Missouri, and it is still plenty hot in mid-September to enjoy the river. Although that doesn’t mean much to Merial, who can enjoy the water just about any time of the year.

I hope y’all like the new story!


Jim is in severe need of a belly rub.

Is he the kind of gryphon that likes belly rubs or is he the kind of gryphon that pretends to like it but then in mid-rub he goes crazy and attempts to sever your hand from its limb by any means possible? (I own both kinds of cats)

It’s not that kitty doesn’t enjoy the belly rub, it’s just a combination of overexcitement and an unrestrained enjoyment of getting rough with your hand. Kitty just needs to be persuaded that this is not a good idea. The traditional method, employed by all mother cats, is to cuff them on the head. If you don’t have an appropriately sized paw, just use a couple of fingers. Bop! Repeat for each clawing/biting offence. Of course, you’ll achieve greater and longer-lasting success if you are able to begin this during kittenhood.

Jim reminds me of that Fat Freddy’s Cat strip where Fat Freddy’s Cat is practicing sleeping positions for the winter. His pose sort of looks like the one called “The Effete Slob”, though not as slobbish. If Fat Freddy’s Cat were around, I’m sure he’d give Jim some pointers. >:=)>

That’s some really good advice, actually. Thanks!

Also, I have to say I love the way the feline characters are portrayed, they really move like real cats (minus wings, etc).

I kind of want to give Jim belly rubs, though. He looks so adorable in full-form. Plus, griffin rides!

im in columbia and it’s crazy that you have so much of this take place in missouri

Columbia! My aunt lives in Columbia! What a great city. : )

That reaction is why I set it in my home state! Missourians don’t get a lot of love in media (outside of St. Louis and Kansas City) and I wanted to change that!

You have never failed to add a note that you love Columbia whenever I’ve ordered something from you yet. ;-9 (I wish I can order ALL THE STUFF like I used to. Man.)

I agree. I love to complain about this state, but if anything, it’s extremely pretty especially around the rivers and such.

…I’m going to end up wanting to visit one of the many riversides around here when this is over, I know it.

I love that you write ‘Mange Tak’ when you send stuff to me :D thanking in people’s first languages is a whole bucket of points, plus a giant cookie for doing it right ^^

I’ve always wanted to visit the more natural parts of the states, and I might actually choose Missouri ^^

Hooray! I would suggest St. Louis, as it is a beautiful city with lots to do and you can drive down historic Route 66 and hit up a lot of neat rural attractions like State Parks and caves! Meremac State Park has a cave called Fischer Cave where they still do lantern tours, and you can take a canoe down the Meremac River! And if you like bizarre tourist attractions, there’s Meremac Caverns, which is an insanely commercialized tourist trap, but a pretty fun one!

Look at me I sound like I work for the Missouri Tourism Board, hah hah.

Hello! Just wanted to say that I’ve just begun reading your amazing comic – in fact, I read all of it today. xD It’s incredible to see the extent of your improvement throughout the length of the comic, and you can rest assured that I’ll definitely be sticking around for some time more! :3 Keep up the magnificent work. ; v;

If this takes place “shortly after the fourth chapter of Orientations” does that mean that Jim stopped to spend some time laying around a river in the middle of chasing that dragon?

Yaaay, Missouri!
I’m glad we are finally back here. I just reread the earlier parts of Orientation and as rightfully remarked by some it is startling how much your drawing has advanced since then.
I hope we’ll see all the main Orientations cast: I miss Michelle!
Keep it up!

As much as I hate being here in Missouri (bred, born, and raised), thanks to the weather, my allergies, and this possibly-cursed town, I LOVE the geology around here. The Ozarks are actually pretty beautiful, and cave systems are neat (as long as you don’t slip onto the banks of a bottomless underground lake). It really is pleasant to read things set in the Midwest that aren’t “tornado” or “paddle faster, I hear banjos”. The Dresden Files is nice for that (though I love it for other reasons), and if I estimate correctly the main part of Skin Deep takes place within 150 miles of me. (I’d like to see some urban fantasy that takes place up here in the grassy hills, but they may as well set it in Kansas if that ever happens.)

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