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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 5: We’re All Mad Here

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 5: We’re All Mad Here published on 37 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 5: We’re All Mad Here

Welcome back to Skin Deep! Thank you all for your patience as I worked on getting this chapter ready! I think y’all are gonna like it! We pick up immediately from where we left off with Michelle! Let’s go!!!!


I really hope it’s one of those “you’re full of magic so the magic hungry dimension won’t let you leave” cases not another “dragons are jerks” case

It just occurred to me that the father couldn’t have been the one to give Bloodcarver those scars, because he’s only got one claw on each wing.

It’s likely the Father used his feet for that

Check out the placement of the scars on the Father’s face. Maybe Bloodcarver was helping him grind down his horns so they didn’t grow into his skull, like what can happen with the tusks of a suprisingly real animal called the babirusa. But then BC’s claws slipped and before you know it everyone involved is overreacting

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