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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 6: Abandon All Hope

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 6: Abandon All Hope published on 22 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 6: Abandon All Hope

And we’re back! Let’s check in with Jimmy and Lorne in Wonderland and see what’s happening with them! Last we saw them, they had just escaped the Woods, but Rupert didn’t make it out with them! Will they go back and help him? They better, you little snots.


No. “You” don’t have to go. “You” are indeed just kids. “You” run quickly in the town and call for help.

Then probably get frustrated with no help forthcoming from the “wacky” denizens and go find him by yourself anyway. But at least somebody has some idea that you’re being eaten by Jabberwocky.

I completely forgot about this half of this arc. Makes me wonder how the two sides are going to come together.

… it better not be time travel.

… I mean I’m all for time travel but I’ll be very concerned for everyone if time travel *does* happen.

What do you know, when it comes down to it – Lorne’s the brave one.

(Although to be fair, Jimmy’s probably terrified not just because Rupert’s missing, but it’s his fault and he knows it.)

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