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Kill Them with Kindness 1: OMG Shoes

Kill Them with Kindness 1: OMG Shoes published on 62 Comments on Kill Them with Kindness 1: OMG Shoes

A new comic starts today! It’s called Kill Them with Kindness and it’s about Ike and Rhonda?? Whaaaat?

I hope you like it, this will be a relatively short one, so hang on tight and here we go!

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Now, Ike, she does leave the Avalon on occasion. She needs shoes for that.

No she doesn’t. I walk around outside barefoot all the time. People used to do it all the time. Hell, I haven’t worn shoes since last year.

Sorry if that sounded confrontational, I was up late last night. :P I just think it weird that there are all these wonderful leaves to kick through at the moment and everyone is stuck wearing shoes. XD This comic is set during summer so they defiantly don’t need them no matter what form they are in or where they are.

No worries, we’ve all done late-night postings that didn’t have quite the tone we were aiming for, and I’m not going to get too hopped up defending the logic of something that was mostly intended as a joke.
Still, we have seen Rhonda as a human outside of the Avalon, and she was wearing sandals then, so we know she wears footwear sometimes.

And besides, once you leave the Avalon (and maybe even some establishments inside the Avalon)… no shirt, no shoes, no service.

Even if this was just a dress code, as far as the federal government is concerned, dress codes are not illegal, unless they’re discriminatory (for example, if the dress code is enforced against women but not against men, then it would be in violation of federal law.)

Scenarios in which refusals of service are warranted by law typically include situations where a customer’s presence would put the safety and welfare of the customer herself and/or others at risk. This includes state-specific health and duty-of-care laws. A lot of floors may look clean but are absolutely filthy… and not wearing shoes is a good way to get an infection if you have an open wound on your foot. However, the following six guidelines also have to be considered:

* The patron lacks adequate personal hygiene (extreme body odor, excess dirt, etc.)
* The patron is visibly intoxicated.
* The patron is unreasonably rowdy or causing trouble.
* The patron’s presence would overfill venue capacity.
* There is good reason to believe the patron will not be a paying customer.
* The patron has chosen not to abide by a venue’s neutral dress requirements, in a manner that is somehow within the patron’s control.

For the purposes of “No shirt, no shoes, no service”, the LAST one is especially important. If you *could* wear shoes, but don’t, then you are not abiding by the dress requirements in a manner that is within your control.

On the other hand, if you couldn’t wear shoes for whatever reason… for example, let’s say you were in an accident and you can’t wear shoes because both your legs are in casts… then an establishment could not refuse service, because it isn’t something that’s within your control; they don’t make shoes that fit over plaster casts.

Get’s up. Leaves computer. Heads out of room. Goes out front door. Walks down driveway. Goes past suburbia. Heads to closest cliff.
Gets on knees. Throws hands in the air. Screams at top of lungs. Cries tears of epic joy. Faints due to overload.

MAN I love this comic (and yay, Liverpool Avalon!^^) I love how you make the fur and bodies LOOK for these guys.

…It’s cute that Ike is doing this for her but I hope that she does things like this, going along even if she doesn’t want to be there, for him.

So, question: Considering how unpopular mixed-breeds are in Skin Deep, which in turn would mean that Ike wouldn’t have grown up being as liked… would it be safe to assume that this is the first time he has ever dated someone?

If so, stop being so grumpy Ike! You should have known this was going to happen anyways. XP

You must really like Ike’s character. He’s appeared in pretty much every sidestory comic you’ve done (I think…)

Well, there have only been two Liverpool side-stories so far. Once is an anomaly. Twice is a coincidence. It take three times are more to make a pattern. It might just be that Ike is in proximity to elements in Liverpool that Kory wants to establish but couldn’t fit into Exchanges, like the Bugbear talisman and Ike’s little brother Cyan.

That said,i really do like Ike’s character.

Note for the future, fake html tags like get edited out by the comment box’s program when formatted like real html tags. I really did try to save that buggane colt’s identity for the people who prefer to be surprised rather than digging though the sketchbooks and such for clues of future developments the way I do.

Um, no, I think there were three Liverpool side-stories… the “Exchanges” arc (in which he played a role), the “Bugbear Talisman,” and now this one. :)

Rhonda Phelton – instigator and maintainer of the relationship.

Ike Sanford – still unsure why she is doing this – or how – or what he should do about it.

And yes, I saw what you did with the titles there – just like Will Eisner, only less grim.

Ike: *grim enough to cover it*


Must say, great to see Ike in his natural state… that is, irritable and annoyed by someone… and “Oh, Joy for him!”… Alec and Lorne have a new partner in the Ike annoying game… she just uses a very different modus operandi… ;-)

… *BUGGANE* / Manticore cross-breed, “relatively short” comic, uh huh. So *this* here

is *Ike* in his younger days, still sans barbed tail … ?

If you remember Ike’s back-story from Exchanges, he was apparently human until he suddenly changed at 14 or so. Here, he’s in his usual midform. The cheerful buggane colt we saw in the Q&A is probably Ike’s cousin or half-sibling.

Ah yes, I remember. So, a relative of his? Given the state of his relationship with Rhonda in today’s page and that it’s supposed to be a “relatively short” comic, it’s unlikely to be their future offspring. ;-D

Ike got his Buggane half from his mother, who was in hiding (as a human) with him at least ’til his turning. Entirely possible that she was forced to move to an avalon until he got used to his shapechanging abilities (’cause no medaillon) and that a younger sibling came into existence. BUT! If his younger sibling is in non-human form that young, he probably would have to grow up an an avalon ’til mastering shapechanging, too. Why would mom move to a *different* avalon and leave Ike behind … ?

Part of me wants to share all the info about Ike’s backstory that I’ve dug up. Part of me doesn’t want to spoil the next several possible weeks of the comic. I’ll split the difference and link you to the comic’s group on deviantArt which has pretty well collected most of the development stuff Kory and her collaborators have posted over the years.

I hate you…

I found the meme on my computer. I expected it to not be uploaded because I only finished half of it… I did complete it, but half of the entries were done while I was drunk.

What bothers me now is that it seems to be three years old so I am going for posterity, but I can’t seem to retrieve my deviantart password.

I need to remember to re-do this meme since I think I can’t draw anymore.

What is that T-shirt Ike is wearing? I can’t quite read the writing, but the image seems to show a basilisk/cockatrice. Is it a music connection? Somehow, I can picture Rhonda giving him something related to the Star Kingdom of Manticore, daring him to defy public opinion about that side of his heritage.

Yay. New comic. Question: Does the ethnicity/origin of the monster reflect the origins of the character? Does Ike’s family hail from the Isle of Man and Persia, for example (originally at least) and Rhonda’s from Bohemia? Or is that origin so distant that the various breeds have spread across the world?

Well. This title page only brings one thing to mind:

“Shoes. Shoes. Shoes. Oh my god shoes. Let’s get some shoes. Let’s get some shoes. Let’s get some shoes.”

Bringing me back to the heady days of mid-2000s.

These shoes rule. These shoes suck.

Well that was weird, but a little cool at the same time. Just had a dream where I was Michelle and headed to mah friends’ apartment on some important mission when I saw Gabe in one down the hall looking fairly unhappy with two of the demons (one of them the one with the foul mouthed one don’t remember the other) helping him out. I snuck past the door, started running almost immediately and shouting for my friends, but apparently they weren’t where they were supposed to be. Gabe came out through the door with the axe held in his hands, and as I tried going down the hallway he attacked me twice, but SOMEHOW he missed me both times and I ended up jumping through the window over the stairwell so I could go all sphinx-y and fly. That’s it. Forgive me if that’s somehow in line with what you planned. ^^;

There must be a certain amount of midform that isn’t controllable, or “mixed breeds” like Ike might work harder to suppress the traits of one side or the other so as not to stand out. On the other hand, in a healthy society it wouldn’t matter.

The problem with Ike’s “midform” is that he doesn’t HAVE a medallion to control it. His shapeshifting ability is entirely reliant on his genetic buggane abilities to do so, so I imagine that comes with a few more limitations than magical solid-imagination projection. And as Ike himself has said before, mixed breeds are pretty rare to begin with, as they only happen when something’s gone rather terribly awry.

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