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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 1

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 1 published on 23 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 1

Happy November! This month marks Skin Deep’s 15th Anniversary! Wow! 15 years!! Thank you all so much for staying with me for so long!

Here’s the start of the final chapter of Obverse & Reverse! I hope you’re ready to figure out what’s up with this purple lady!


Happy Anniversary! And Happy New Chapter! 15th… that’d be the crystal anniversary. Though, given their situation, it’s more like a Camp Crystal Lake anniversary. All that’s missing is you-know-who…

Azreal: *holds up heavy work clothes* I’m not wearing this.

Mikhail: *examines machete* Ditto. And I’ve got better gear than this.

Damien: Yeah. *takes off hockey mask* And this doesn’t fit. *indicates tusks*


Are we all really clear about this being a rescue? ‘Cose even I’m not sure it is…

OK, so I have a pondering, maybe someone already pondered this. I’m re-reading the last chapter in Dis and this page felt significant.
“the only dragon that survived and brought all the surviving eggs here.”
So the dragons have only one, single, solitary source of information…

Theory! “Father” fled to dis while there were still dragons alive. If the dragons and sphinx were finally starting to talk, he might have stolen all the eggs and taken them to dis to break that burgeoning peace and renew the war – thinking his dragon folk would win. They didn’t win. Or, they went into hiding on their own, separately – perhaps unaware of his retreat to Dis. Or perhaps they were fully aware of where he’d gone, but were unwilling to make the same trade of life for existence.

What?? Fift…fifteen years?? Oh my goodness…I remember getting excited when you uploaded page five or something. (Or fifteen?) Before the first twenty pages were properly settled in the Internet, I’d come across you. How again?! Did friend J or G refer me here, or did I type in some search string? I was way into skinchangers, Native American legends, and transformation comics back then, so perhaps by that?? Idk. I went by a different moniker back then, and almost never commented on anything, so I can’t even go digging to find myself in the comments.
Fifteen years? Hooray!! Commendable!! Were we on the same side of the Atlantic, I would send you a cake. Can you be satisfied with a pathetic wishplate of well-meant Internet cookies? I’m sorry they aren’t physically tangible, but I’m sure they’d be delicious.

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