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Homecoming 1 – Chotchkies

Homecoming 1 – Chotchkies published on 90 Comments on Homecoming 1 – Chotchkies

And so begins a new chapter of Skin Deep! If you haven’t read Orientations you might want to go and give it a perusal, as Homecoming picks up where Orientations left off! I know, finally, right?

This is also the 5th Anniversary of Skin Deep! Technically, Orientations started on November 11th, but there’s not going to be an update on that day, so I’m celebrating it now! You’d think I had it planned all along to have Homecoming start 5 years after Orientations started, but this is a great little happy accident. Oh boy!

I hope you enjoy Homecoming, I’ve missed drawing Greg and Michelle!


“Whats the worst that could happen?” That even after you tell her all of this, she is going to still make you clean your room?

Being disowned, or even attacked.

I know, you’re being silly, but I’ve known too many people who have had to come out to their family about one thing or another. It can be terrifying and occasionally legitimately dangerous.

Heck, Greg’s family thinks he’s Satan.

Happy 5th Anniversary Skin Deep and Kory! *Hands cookies*

I am SO excited to see Michelle again. I want to know what her Mom’s reaction is going to be to the news. :)

And oh gosh, does Greg have a mustache?!

I’m more concerned about why he’s wearing a sports jersey. I always took him for more of a geek. Unless it’s ironic? Somehow?

Woot! As much as I loved Anthony and the Liverpool cast, it’s great to get back to the Missouri cast to move the plot further along. Looking forward to seeing what all happens.

Also, Happy 5th Anniversary to the comic! Congrats on keeping it going this long,a nd hopefully there will be many more years ahead.

Okay, fess up: What’s the inspiration for the house design? It muuuuust be something familiar, amirite? :D

On this momentous occasion, I think I shall return from the Land of Lurk…at least for a while. ;-)

I really like that house! There’s just something about exterior spiral staircases that gets me all excited. I’m thrilled to see Greg and Michelle again, too…but did he HAVE to say that? Seriously?! It’s like asking Fate to get creative.

Something tells me that no matter what happens, “the unexpected” is on the itinerary.

urban dictionary’s definition of a chochkie.

Nice to see Michelle and Greg again.

On an unrelated note the wiki needs editors!

Oh. Gee. Um.

I totally thought that was a kind of food. EEEWHOOPS.

I’d think Michelle would be VERY interested in talking to her mom. After all, who else could tell her what happened to her dad? I’m looking forward to that conversation.

Maybe that’s what she’s nervous about. Kindof hard to segue smoothly into “Oh hey, I’m actually a supposed-to-be non-existant mythical creature and I think my Dad has something to do with it. Can you tell me everything ever? Oh, and while we’re on the topic, this guy has goat ears! Can you IMAGINE what our babies would look like?” (OK, maybe that last part is stretching it a bit BUT STILL)

I predict world-record for fastest acting heart attack ever, even beating out the Animator from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.

pssshaaahahaahaahaha!!!! The Monty Python joke there was awesome, and you’ve got a solid point there, momma Jocasta is going to need a strong cup(or a whole pot) of brew before she’s going to be taking these developements easily,…….Or we could find out that Momma was in on the whole shebangle to begin with, and just wanted to keep her babby out of the loop for her own safety.

Devil’s Elbow! I had a college friend whose parents lived in a house on a bluff near the Gasconade confluence…we had a few bonfires out on gravel bars nearby. I spent enough time in school at Rolla to have a deep appreciation for the Ozarks. Thanks for making it even more awesome!

Vehicle death traps and I-44 go hand and hand.
Ah, so many hours spent on that busy interstate between Springfield and Joplin, so little time.

And as a side note to the river’s, MO rivers are arguably the best rivers in my opinion. <3 You never know what you'll find around the corner. A small group of moccasins or a big ole carp. Not to mention the crawdads… mmm crawdads. If you went to the Joplin Falls, you'd see a few Alligator Snappers… Didn't swim at the falls that often. Heh, I'm quite fond of my toes.

Hey mom! I need you to tell me about dad. Oh, by the way, I’m a spynx!


*Pokes her fainted form with a foot*

I’m so happy to see Michelle again, you have no idea! God, I wonder what her midform is? What she’ll look like as a sphinx with your current art skills? How her mother’ll react? Once a week is suddenly not nearly often enough for updates, but the quality pages will be worth it, I know. *Squee* I can’t wait!

Oh, and, uh, happy anniversary. (Aside: That’s today, right? Oh it is? Good.) Happy Anniversary! Skin Deep rocks!

… God, I’m such a fangirl. What has become of me…?

Huh! I found this place linked through another comic, and it seems like I came in at just the right time! Spent the whole afternoon reading through the archives. Can I just say, while I loved the loose and chubby style of the first four chapters, your art really has improved. It’s really stunning. I’m continually impressed by how well the anatomy of all the animal bits is done, because that’s not an easy thing to get right.

And as much as I sympathized with Anthony and his plight, I do quite like Michelle too. :) I’m glad to see her story continue!

I dunno about anyone else but I’m actually excited to see Michelle’s midform… I bet you all forgot about that eh? My question is if she’s going to do sort of an angel thing with just her ears, wings and tail transformed or how is she going to do it? Does she already have a midform? Either way, when will we see it?

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