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Kory Bing is an illustrator currently living in Portland, OR. When she’s not working on her long-running urban fantasy webcomic, Skin Deep, she is reading about dinosaurs or drawing monsters. Or reading about monsters and drawing dinosaurs. Sometimes she thinks about old rocks are and gets emotional.

You can see more of Kory online at:
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Skin Deep was thought up in the early 2000s by a teenager with too much time on her hands and access to the internet. After many many years of noodling about, waiting until “the right moment” and discovering that the “right moment” would never come, the first page of Skin Deep was posted on the internet late in 2006 and has been updating semi-steadily ever since.

Skin Deep was born out of an interest in mythology, folklore, music, world-building, and the idea that things are often more than they seem, and that it is easy to hide secrets when nobody is expecting them.

Winner of the 2013 Stumptown Comics Award for Best Colorist and Best New Talent!

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