Homecoming 14: That Went Well

A comic page! Holy cow! Sorry for the radio silence for so long, I’ve been up to my eyeballs in conventions and shipping Borogove. I can’t promise that there’s going to be regular updates until Borogove is over, but I am going to try my best, and post comics as soon as I get them done.

Thanks to everyone for your patience right now, I didn’t plan on having Borogove arrive right at the beginning of Convention Season so I’m making the best of the situation. I’m a one-person operation and I’ve never done something like this before, so I’m learning on the fly! I appreciate everybody’s understanding on the matter!


It’s almost like Jim threw YOU off a cliff. =P

why would you tell your mom that you were thrown off a clip? Even if it was a flying lesson, I think your mom would get a heart-attack just from having the knowledge of that

“..And then there was the time with the dragon” Awesome :D I got my borogrove cards a couple of days ago and they look awesome :D

When I used to go home at Uni,I did the cooking. It was just my dad and my little brother, and after I left, they ate microwave dinners and fast food every meal. So when I got home, they were all “Nicole! What we eatin’?!”

Ohh goodness, Greg’s face in the 3rd panel. XD
Actually, all the faces in the third panel.

I think, were I in Michelle’s mom’s position, I’d be just.. kind of staring at the door after they left. Poor lady, just got her reality broke.

Are you kidding me?
All the faces PERIOD! :p

And reality broke? Not only did she realize all her fantasies are real, but that they can also apparently wield chainsaws and could be one of her very own friends.

Who knew that humans could under exaggerate about fantasies?

And that did go well. Or wait, did we skip the part where her mom finally fainted?

I’m not sure about fainted, but that smile in panel 4 is looking pretty squeamish. She probably didn’t want to hear about the several “almost got killed” incidents.

Hopefully, it only stops at nausea and doesn’t turn into a headache. Well at least she told her mother and that’s over with. Hopefully, for her sake things calm down a bit for her and she gets a respite from any ‘adventure’ for a little while at least. I’m liking your backgrounds, oh, heck, this was an all-around good one.

Whew! What a relief! That could have gone SO much worse! I must say, the kitchen art in the background of the second panel is great, done with so many touches that just take looking at to figure out what’s drawn. HUGE coffee cups and plants/fruit in front of the cupboards? No, a shelf with coffee mugs hung under, with plants/fruit on, as a divider from the sitting area, and the kitchen beyond. VERY cool idea for a visually different view. And the various expressions of Greg and Janice, cool. I love how well the artwork has progressed from the early days (I’ve been rereading) and think the look and feel of the comic is really stunning.

Aw man, she had better get the NICEST mother’s day card next month, after this visit. Mrs. Jocasta is a Radical Mom.

So happy to see the comic, Kory; for me, it’s always worth the wait–another great job! It sounds like you kinda jumped into the deep end: Go You! I’m really impressed!

Also, I feel for Janis, I really do.

Gee, maybe she should have discussed appropriate topics of conversation with Greg on the drive there. Running into the bugbear with a chainsaw turned out funny, the dragon was downright scary.

Greg, Greg, Greg…. there is this little concept called “Too Much Information” and you have found it. Seriously, you tell Mrs J all about the life threatening moments??? Dude, you really need to learn about subtlety and circumspection… if only for Michelle’s sanity’s sake….. Hopefully it was just a heady moment caused by being accepted by family as just another person, even if was someone else’s family…..
Bonus points again to Mrs J for being able to keep a non-scared expression on her face while Greg prattled on……. hopefully she has at least learnt from this that Michelle has new friends who to take on danger for Michelle……

I was going to wait until tomorrow to catch up with comics, but I just couldn’t wait that long to see if this one updated…and it did! Eee! What a great thing to come back to after being away for a week. :) Good luck with the rest of con season and Borogrove! The wait is always worth it when you come back. :)

Greg’s [s]teeth[/s] fangs in panel 2 look so sharp and menacing.

hmm I don’t think they’re supposed to be menacing :P More of a “eehhhh Michelle what are you doing…?”
…Or “Don’t look at me like that Mrs. Jocasta I wasn’t responsible!”

I found this comic new about a week ago, and I’ve read through the archives at least twice. I just want to say, (as many have already said) that this is one of the most amazing and original webcomics I have seen. I really enjoy it, the writing and art is amazing, keep up the good work!

*Dies laughing* Greg, Greg, Greg… Some things are probably better not spoken of! And good to see a new update, Kory. Good luck with the shipping and conventions!

LOOOOOVVVEEEEE ITTT!!!!!! Awesome job! Amazing amount of detail, seriously it’s just like…. Bwah!!! I want more… But I can wait :3 Good luck and have fun at your conventions!

Oh and Greg… Maybe you should’ve saved the dragon story for another time xD Good on ya Mrs. J!

Like seriously? I do love how you added the browning to the bananas! You always know how to add that little bit of pizazz and it makes the whole comic shine! You. Are. Amazing.

Okay, just one two say two things-
1.) It’s extremely saddening that your extremely talented and should- be- famous grandmother passed away, but as the monty pythons say, always look on the bright side of life so….
2.) Holy crap your grandmother was extremely talented and should- be- famous! It’s no wonder where you get your talent from!
But seriously, I can’t believe that she did illustrated so many famous things. Good luck coping, it’ll be sad to not see anything about or from her in the future… At least she knew you were on your own path to illustrative happiness when she died…

Got my borogove deck in the mail today! Yay! It’s as awesome as I hoped it would be. Now I just need to convince people to play it with me.

Squee! New page AND my card game came in todaaay! The cards are so pretty and slickery. ^^ I shall have to harass my friends into playing. >:3

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