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February 2020 Reader Question 15

February 2020 Reader Question 15 published on 20 Comments on February 2020 Reader Question 15

This is exactly what happened to Anthony! He inherited his mother’s “human” spell, and when it came into contact with an unclaimed medallion the magics reacted poorly together and the medallion magic wiped out the human spell, leaving Anthony as a Harpy. One of the reasons why no one has figured out how to make medallions is because the magic is super stable, and magic is inherently NOT stable, so nobody could figure out how the sphinxes did it.

Skin Deep returns March 3rd!

I’ve teamed up with Topatoco and now I have a Topatoco store!

Currently it’s mostly a few paleo art tshirts, but if all goes well there will be Skin Deep stuff up for sale soon! Check it out!