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The Totem Otter’s shirt reminds me of when the Bon Marche was still around and would partner with Woodland Park Zoo in Seattle and Point Defiance Zoo in Tacoma for Mom and Me at the Zoo every Mother’s Day. Each year had a theme, and one year the theme was “You Otter Be There.” Ah, I kinda miss it…

I love seeing your take on folklore I’m familiar with cause you always make them look so cool!!! if you want something extra spooky I’d love to see your take on the nuckelavee the most messed up one I know of from celtic(? With nordic influence) culture. Not much to do with the comic though at least I HOPE the nuckelavee is too messed up for the skindeep universe ‍

“Otter space” reminds me of the webcomic “Orbit: Encounter”, it’s about an uplifted otter exploring a derelict spaceship. But given what’s left to encounter on the ship in question, it’d probably be better to send dobhar-chù here… (It’s a horror comic, there’s gore and monsters.)

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