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2018 Reader Question 70

2018 Reader Question 70 published on 4 Comments on 2018 Reader Question 70

By all accounts, Phineas II had a beautiful made that she regularly braided and covered in flowers. The curse appears to have given her a mane as well as the exaggerated proportions. However, a lady lion with a mane isn’t that unheard of in nature!

Hiatus Time!

Hiatus Time! published on 38 Comments on Hiatus Time!

Skin Deep is going on a hiatus! I won’t lie, it might be kind of long one! But don’t worry, every weekday starting April 16th I’ll be doing READER QUESTIONS!

Patreon supporters will get first crack at asking Reader Questions, but I’ll consider any and all questions to answer, you can ask them right here or on the Patreon post if you’d like!

Other Skin Deep things I’ll be doing during the hiatus:
-Updating the website (sorely needed)
-Putting together the 4th Skin Deep book
-Writing Skin Deep scripts
-Patreon Pin Club

So thank you everyone for your patience! I’m sorry I can’t definitely say when Skin Deep will return, but I’ll be providing updates regularly, so don’t worry!

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