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Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 8

Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 8 published on 20 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch2 Page 8

It’s Uncle Roald! Just to stem any questions about him, you may remember Jim referencing his uncle Antoine waaaaaaaay back in Exchanges, and this is the same guy! His name is Antoine-Roald Burton-Fitzgerald and yes that is a lot of hyphens.

Roald likes to tinker and experiment, which is probably why he has a giant satellite dish, several antennas, and some radio satellites on his roof.

Did you know that Roald and Rupert and all jubjub birds in Skin Deep were designed by my good friend Sfé Monster? Did you know Sfé wrote the new Minecraft graphic novel that JUST came out? Gosh if you like Minecraft and cute stories about found families you should read it!

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