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Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 24

Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 24 published on 10 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Ch7 Page 24

This might be a long walk.

Do you like my sphinxes?? Would you like to see more? And a bunch of other cool mythical creatures too? ALMOST REAL, VOL 5: MYTHOLOGY is up on Zoop for funding! It just passed it’s initial goal and now it’s working on stretch goals! The more money it makes, the more money the artists (aka ME) get!
Almost Real is a zine about speculative biology, and this volume is about mythical creatures as seen through a more scientific lens to make the creatures feel like plausible animals that could be alive in our world! Neat! My entry is about SPHINXES and I have TWO full-page spreads! All about sphinxes! You should check it out!

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