Issue Five page 14


Oops, you inverted “to” and “do” here (in Michelle’s bubble), and I only see it now that I read the whole comic for the third time.

the dragon is way too small. If he was big enough to hold Michelle in one hand (paw?) earlier, why is he so small, now? is it just that he’s a shifter thing like everyone else?

SO very polite. Also I ship them now. Don’t judge. I love crack-pairings. I hope she winds up with Greg though. Also….uh. guess the earrings didn’t help.

Looks like bloodcarver there is trying his best to avoid sympathizing with Michelle. Of course this could also be to avoid making her freak out and try to escape more when she finds out what he plans on doing with her.

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the tumbles
Art and Story © Kory Bing 2006-2015
Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
Alec Hyde, Ike Sanford, Sam Hain, Rhonda Phelton, Dermot Ainesborough created by Sheana Molloy.