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Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 78

Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 78 published on 57 Comments on Obverse & Reverse Chapter 7 Page 78

And that’s it! Thank you so much for reading Obverse & Reverse! I hope you liked it! Can you believe the first page of the arc was posted the first day of 2019? My how webcomic time works.

Now that the comic arc is over, I am going to take a big break! A hiatus, even! But don’t worry, I will be running Reader Questions every weekday until the comic returns! Look at the blog post below this for a place to ask your reader questions, they might get answered! Patrons, as always, will get first dibs at asking questions!

How long will the Hiatus last?
I honestly don’t know the answer to that question. I still need to write the next arc, as well as prepare Obverse & Reverse for print, and also do a bunch of summer conventions! It’s gonna be a busy time for me, but that’s why I’m running Reader Questions, so hopefully you won’t get bored while I work on the next arc!

Yes! I will be at SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON NEXT WEEK. If you are going, come by the Topatoco Booth 1229! Keep an eye on my social media for more information! (making maps and getting ready for the convention is one of the things on my list this week, haha.)

Thanks so much for reading, I hope you enjoy the Reader Questions, and I’ll see you all with the next comic arc!


Yeah baby, she is going to make him a medallion! Cant wait to see human bloodcarver.

It’ was one hell of an arc. Cant wait to see what will come next, but I understand that you will need some time to work on that.

Haha yea. Also looking forward to seeing what kind of design the dragon medallion will have, as well what the half form would be. An entire arc unto itself could be given to Blood off this. As he learns how to live in a human form among the other races. He’s got a lot to earn about the world as it’s so much different now from what Dis Pater would have told him.

It’s amusing how full circle things have come though. Gone from Michelle being the one that was confused about everything involving her true lineage, creatures, medallions, avalon, etc. and now it’s Blood that is going to be living that same thing but in terms of keeping things secret, controlling his temper, technology, clothing, etiquette, etc. And Michelle having developed as a character to be able to grant him the chance and probably be stuck with the others helping him with these things XD

I imagine he will handle it a lot better than she did of course, but still an amusing thought. The council is going to love this if she decides to tell them. LOL

Maybe they could mix in modern metallurgy techniques, or try out new shapes? Maybe hexagon medallions to save on material when poured in a big grid pattern. It’ll be interesting to see what sort of medallion workshop Michelle and friends assemble out of modern(ish) day hobby tools.

I think that Blood will be able to adjust more quickly than Michelle simply because he’s more mature. What will be fun to see is a Bloodcarver who isn’t in the throes of depression all of the time.

the thing i’m most excited about is that the rest of the mythical creatures are going to be *super* anxious about a dragon wandering around in human form.

no doubt blood and miche now realize they’re kindred spirits out of step with what mythical beings have become. so it’ll be the apex critters of yore… but inexperienced and a tiny faction trying to impress on the others that there’s another path. heckin’ cool.

I think most of us have been expecting her to start making medallions for ‘Carver and others ASAP, but this looks like she had a sudden epiphany about another way to conceal or disguise him in the short term.

Maybe a novel use of an existing medallion? Something only a sphinx can do?

Kory can keep us on tenter hooks without any piddly cliff-hanger!

It does look like Michelle is using her medallion to do something to Bloodcarver. Maybe an uncontrolled illusion like what liminals are born with if their mother gave birth in human form?

Given that she doesn’t know HOW to make medalians (yet?) I suspect she might just be thinking of passing hers to Bloodcarver. She’d have to be in full-form, but in an avalon, that would be alright, yes?

For some reason, I’m picturing something analogous to “Here! Scrunch in under my cloak with me, nobody will notice!”

Which brings to mind Skeeve’s awareness of the “flawless” disguise spells he would cast in Aspirin’s “Mythadventure” series.

Most likely she will make a medallion for Bloodcarver, and who knows for all the other ones who would like to have one, including John :D

Heck, maybe (hope for it!) even being able to fix damaged medallions

If you mean the male harpy, he uses his middle name Anthony even though his first name is John.

If she’s developing the “feel” for medallions that I’m supposing, I have an idea of how her first meeting with Sam may go. …

Also, this good look at her “improved” medallion is interesting. Her subconscious modified it while she was communing with the phoenix egg. The pictured sphinx appears to be asking, “What the crap?!?!”

Took you long enough to see the answer right under your nose, Michelle.

Lets fire up that forge girl, and make some Smithing magic!


It’s finally happening! Now watch the next arc be something else entirely so we have to wait until that one’s done before we see Bloodcarver’s medallion. XD

I can imagine Bloodcarver looking like a Chuck Norris type with a large blonde moustache and a good tan.

It looks like Michelle has decided her life’s goal is to make new medallions (or repurpose old ones) but no one should expect that process to be fast, easy, or cheap, especially since she’s starting from zero and doesn’t even know how her own magic works.

I just double-checked the Wiki, and I see that Michelle’s birthdate is listed as 19 September 1985.

‘Carver first eased up to the Avalon dock in September 2005. Odds are, it was early-to-mid-month.

Have they returned quickly enough for the party, or did she spend her 20th birthday in Hell?

Oh boy! I hope this means what I think it means, which is that Michelle has had a sudden epiphany about how to make medallions because I REALLY wanna see what Bloodcarver looks like as a human. I bet he’d look like Such a dork! :3 Hahaha can’t wait!

I also can’t wait to see how Michelle does explaining this to everyone back at the Avalon. “So me and Bloodcarver traveled through the nine circles of Hell together which means we’re bosom buddies now. Also we released a Demon upon earth and she’s maybe halfway to Ireland or the Isle of Man by now? She seems like mostly not an asshole so I wouldn’t worry too much. And finally just an FYI I met with the Dragon Allfather and he wants to BIG TIME kill me or whatever, so hopefully he and his cronies never decide to leave hell. Did you guys know there are hundreds of them there?”

Ok, Ol’ Ivory is the last totem of his kind because there’s at least 1 ivory-billed woodpecker still out there. If that woodpecker were to cross-breed with a compatible species, would that have been enough to keep him alive? Or would it just result in a new type of totem being possible instead?

Ghah. Ohkay. I’m… finally caught up.

I lost track of this comic in 2011 when my attention span wasn’t the best but… I’m able to follow this all now. I can understand the characters much more deeply than my past self could.

I want to draw my comics and tell my own stories too.

Thank you. I can’t wait to see what comes next for both of us.

I love this comic, except that I speak Spanish and this comic is in English :(
So I have to translate all the texts with an app :)
I think I even learn English by reading this comic! XD
I really appreciate the work on this story a lot! One of the best webcomics I’ve ever read!
I hope my English is not as bad as I think it is :v
I can’t believe I read 15 years of updates in less than 2 weeks +_+
Greetings from Mexico! ;)

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