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C’mon, Michelle, how can you be bored now ? Synesthesia is one damn crazy magical thing ! Okay, less than growing wings and lion paws, but still.

Yeah, but I think all of us have had that teacher or professor that can make even incredibly interesting subjects incredibly dull.

I once had a science thatcher who’s dull, flat, monotonous Scottish accent would actively send me to sleep. I would have had a full 12 hours of Z the previous night and all it’d take is 5 minutes of her talking and my head would suddenly weigh x5 of what it should and BAM! It’d be time for next lesson. Messed up or what?

Nice to see a synesthesia reference around! I wish schools actually taught about it, I never learned about it until my estranged birth father forwarded me an article about it. I have personification synesthesia, and I thought I was right insane most of my life. My brand of personification doesn’t apply to words/letters, but to images and objects in general. Anything I see somehow has a personality and voice of its own, and sometimes I can even hear them talk. Makes bedtime amusing, hearing the desk and lamp squabbling like old couples. Pretty useful for designing characters, I just give them the personality and voice that the image of them gives me.

Oh… do you have a blog or a web site where you talk about it? I will be lecturing on synesthesia in the last third of my course, and my students always love first-hand accounts! I actually mentioned it in response to a question earlier in the class, and that was met with a lot of interest.

I have a sound-colour synaesthesia that only really works for music most of the time. And a couple other minor ones like some meat smells occasionally cause colours…

I used to think it was just normal until someone came home with “a great article” they found about “a really wierd phenomenon”…
Now I just use it to play up how wierd I am–


I get it now! You’re using synaesthesia as symbolic of turning!

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