Issue Two page 14


Biggest load of crap ever… but she’s still a sphynx… denial obviously isn’t working …

It is, however, a very good excuse to visit a river in Egypt. Might as well go see the OTHER Sphynx, too.

Wrong type of Sphynx. Michelle is a Grecian Sphynx not an Egyptian one.

Ahh, but her PAPPY was one. :P

Besides, it’s important to know about one’s heritage.

I think Sphinxes are like the humanlings from “The Dark Crystal”…the females have wings and the males don’t. Historically, Egyptians favored the male in all their statuary, the Greeks were more equitable.

However it’s also apparently true so I’m living in crap. now I think I will go outside and continue the panic that was previously paused.

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