One-Eyed Bear 21


Alrighty, thats it, this chick could whip the arse off both Chuck Norris, Mr. T, and their love child/prodigy/dual-souled reincarnation.

i love that the demon in the last panel is curled like a kitten that has just been picked up by it’s scruff

I would love to read a slice-of-life comic about Myra. Works at Halloween mazes in October and paintball mazes in the summer, works at a butcher’s shop the rest of the year, ripped the head off a wendigo she ran into haunting the frozen foods section of her preferred supermarket, had the WORST time hitchhiking back to townwhen her medallion and truck broke on the highway at the same time… All with the attitude of an extra-grumpy Ron Swanson.

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the tumbles
Art and Story © Kory Bing 2006-2015
Anthony Gillis, Blanche Noir, Rupert Burton-Fitzgerald, Pheonix, and Royce Carmikal created by Sfé Monster.
Alec Hyde, Ike Sanford, Sam Hain, Rhonda Phelton, Dermot Ainesborough created by Sheana Molloy.