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Woooooo.. Myra is like, now you see me.. now you don’t.. AHHRIGTBEHINDYOU! :-D

That quill-fiend like (after a Diablo monster, sorry, its very similar) looks like it was truly killed (blood in the spear)

And Gabe even has a time for a smoke ^_^

Gabe: *STAB* *calmly lights a cig before engaging his next opponent* (Or maybe he just wants to let Myra have her fun….)

Gabe seems to be an experienced fighter, and he KNOWS there still is the Hellmouth he needs to deal with. I don’t think he’d be idling where he stands if he didn’t consider “Myra might need my help with this one” much more likely than “the Hellmouth might burp up more demon spawn to even the odds”.

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