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Every time i try to see this page of the comic…it comes up as a small red “x” in the corner. Ive tryed resetting my cookies and such..but no image shown..perhaps you could re-scan it or something?

Now I have the same problem as well!
I’ve read this page before too, so it’s strange it appears with a red X, not showing the image. Could it be the picture isn’t friendly to all browsers? I DUNNO, but it’s really odd. O___O

I know it’s almost a year old now, but I just came across this comic, and I’m really enjoying it.
“Where’s the image?” is correct. The image is corrupted. It has a whole bunch of weird data in it, and shows inverted and distorted in Chrome. Safari shows it fine.

I was able to fix it by downloading the image, re-saving from Photoshop, and running it through ImageOptim afterwards.

Send me an e-mail and I’ll forward it to you if you’re still interested.

Oh my. XD I think Sam Hain is a pun right? I love this comic! I started just yesterday too!

Samhain (Pronounce sew-in) is the celtic new year which was the origin of halloween! The celts believed it was the time when the two worlds were closest and monsters and spirits could cross to the mortal plain.

They do seem to be using it as a pun though. I bet there’s a story as to why they do.

I think I have a theory on what Sam is: A Sphinx. He has the wrong medallion, and so hasn’t Turned yet. His mom is an unturned Sphinx. Makes sense to me

Image doesn’t work at all for me, and I’m browsing over mobile. Don’t have the money for a real internet connection, so I don’t have any way of dealing.

Tried downloading the image and saving it, but I just get an extremely blurry and distorted comic page.

Any intention of fixing this?

So I’ve been thinking about how his medallion won’t let him turn or whatever, and I think that maybe, just maybe, Sam might not be a reverse griffon like his dad and brother. His medallion looks to have some engraving or something on it, and someone (I think Jim?) said that those kind of medallions have more streamlined magic. This more streamlined magic that they have make them(probably) unable to turn those it isn’t intended for, so maybe that’s why Sam can’t use it to change.

I’ve noticed this page’s colors seem to be rather saturated. Anyone else notice this?

To me, right now on Chrome, all the colors seem oddly pale. Even the panel borders are just dark gray.

The same things happened to me on Chrome also, but it’s fine when saved and opened in image viewer. Reading back through the comments, people have had the image not display at all in older browsers.

And I think I just figured out why. This one is stored as CMYK instead of RGB like the rest of them. The file size is about 3 times bigger than usual also.

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