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Heartaches 36: Wings

Heartaches 36: Wings published on 27 Comments on Heartaches 36: Wings

Hey look how responsible I’m being! I’m in Vancouver visiting Sfé Monster for the week and I’m still updating my comic! It’s almost like I have a buffer BUT NOT REALLY because I am still not awesome enough to have a buffer.

The best part about this page is I drew it at Sfé Monster’s house while Sfé was looking over my shoulder and this page is 99% Sfé’s characters (he created Anthony and Blanche, if you have forgotten).

Oh look! Blanche asked the same question TONS OF PEOPLE have been asking! How will Anthony react? TUNE IN NEXT WEEK (hopefully) FOR THE ANSWER.


Oh boy oh boy oh boy! Do we get to see Tony being chucked off a roof?

If next panel has Tony in the air all overjoyed and shouting “I LOVE those arms!” I will laugh my ass off, I swear XD
On a side note: I had to read this page three times to realise the pink thing in 5th panel is Ike’s arm, not some swamp ig XD

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