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Wish I could say I saw it coming.
But it would be a lie. o.O

:D Hate to brag, but…
Saw this miles-MILES- back. When he gives her an icecream back in Orientations? Yeah. Miles back :P

hahaha. Greg is about to get just rewards for being the most awesome friend imaginable, unless something big and gnarly decides to give them shit now of all times. THEN Greg will have to show just awesome he is once again, laying the satyr smack-down.

Calling it now, Greg’s not gonna get the just rewards he is due, at least not before having to smack something around.

I always thought Greg was gonna make the first move, though. I knew he liked Michelle, but there weren’t as many hints that she liked him. That’s what catches me off-guard.

YESSS ! <3 <3 <3
Please tell me I'm not the only one whos been praying for a MichelleXGreg relationship sence the begining

Well, let’s hope Greg is the gentleman that I think he is and is very supportive, because Michelle is obviously very vulnerable right now. While she is in need of someone who can help her with her angst, she does not need any deep involvement that further complicates her life until she gets her head around her current situation. She just needs a REAL friend. A bridge over troubled waters to use an old song title.

I’ll be your bridge/over troubled waters
When you’re down(when you’re down)/I will carry you
Like a bridge over troubled waters/I will lay me down

When you’re weary (oooh)/Feeling small (oooh)
When tears are in your eyes/I will dry them all
I’m on your side/ Oh, when times get tough
And friends just can’t be found!

Like a bridge over troubled waters/I will lay me down
Like a bridge over troubled waters/I will lay me down

I love that song. Sang it in middle school with the high school choir way back when. It was awesome.

Hmmm. Nice reflection effects on the water there.


– “Uh, your hand.”

– “Oh, sorry.”

That still seems the most likely outcome. Still, for all the fan shippers out there –

Greg: uh… (lapses into silence. Their fingers slowly curl around each others’, into a full hand-hold. Some squeezing occurs. Repeatedly. Occasionally they glance at each other. Twice their eyes meet, lingering for a few seconds. After 15 minutes of silence…) We should go. Class… (Michelle nods almost imperceptibly. They get up, start back to the car. They are unable to stop themselves from smiling slightly. Halfway back, they link hands again, stay hand-in-hand until Greg has to deal with a troublesome door lock.)

Too soon after Avalon stuff for romancy stuff. I predict this:

“Ahem. Sorry.”
"Ohh… come here you."
Hug moment.
"It'll work out." "Yeah."
Cosy pause.
"Class?" "Guess so."
Casual unhug, get up and return to Life.

Thank you, my sane friend! You seem to be one of the few people in the world not obsessed with relationships!
Not that there a BAD thing, their just over done a little. I won’t mind if this is a foreshadow for events in the future though, like, living happily ever after together after the big monster is defeated and all the mysteries are solved and….
Oh, crap. Thats steryotypical to! I just can’t get a break, can I ? :P

I don’t think this is going to follow up on anything. Her expression on the second to last panel doesn’t seem nervous or reflective or anything that might indicate she knows she’s touching Greg’s hand. Most likely she’ll withdraw without much notice to it, but Greg will have his feeling a bit intensified, but he won’t act on them since he seems to know she needs a just-friend right now.

I AM rooting for a Greg/Michelle relationship, but it doesn’t seem to be right time.

I didn’t actually take this as romantic when I first read this page. I have had dude friends and when one of us is sad it’s not unheard of for us to squeeze the other person’s hand to lend nonverbal support. It’s something friends do? XD

Mebbe I’m just weird, but the only men I’ve ever had definable physical contact with (other than brief friend-hugs) were boyfriends, male family members(my little brother) boys I was romantically interested in, and my husband. Come to think of it though, I did have female friends in high school who were very clingy with all their friends, both male and female… Dang, I don’t know how to read this now…

I love this new little development, I just hope they take it nice and slow. Michelle’s in an emotionally vulnerable state right now and rushing into something physical might just make her more conflicted. Personally I’m hoping for a nice little cuddle-session for now… Hugs are always under good advisement!

guys, just… thinking far, far ahead into the future/speculating, here…
WTF WILL THEIR KIDS BE??? Flying goat people? Flying lions with horns and floppy ears?
Well? Just… think about it xD

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