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Well this can only end in tears. Nice Dragon design by the way, very original.

Are we finally going to see the setup of The Great War?


Wosret: …obviously the chains are going to have to be larger, in order to go around your larger necks, so they will cost more accordingly – it is simple economics!

Dragon: You might call it that – I call it a surcharge on dragonkind. I don’t believe we will stand for it.

Wosret: (exasperated) Such ignorance!

Jocasta: Wilful disingenuousness, more like! *stare*

Dragon: Now-

Ravi: *dashes up* There you are! You went off without saying anything! Why did you not invite me to this meeting? (to dragon) Perhaps if I explained things, honoured sir – it’s really very simple…

The Great War kicked off about five minutes later.


> obviously the chains are going to have to be larger, in order to go around your larger necks

Trying to imagine a human wearing a medaillon on a dragon-neck-circumference-appropriate (not to mention tensile strength) chain, I wonder whether dragons might wind up the only ones forced to buy a *magic* chain along with their medaillon in the first place.

Obviously, a magically extensible chain (if such a thing were possible) would add greatly to the cost. Looking at the picture, a slender choker on a dragon would translate into a navel-length dangler on a human, but it would be possible. I wonder if it’s possible to wear the medallion on an earring…

For a giant, pink dragon he’s surprisingly stealthy.

Did dragons always have such huge ears?

Smaug did, and if it’s good enough for Smaug, it’s good enough for Pinky, here.

…I’m talking the old 70s animated movie, of course. New CGI Smaug is just your bog-standard dragon as seen on the cover of every fantasy novel ever.

Hey, the dragon is smiling! Surely that means they are friendly and nothing bad will happen whatsoever.

Apparently the tree thing wasn’t just a fluke, Dragons seem quite talented at hiding in the Skin Deepverse.

If you look back at Orientations ch.5, comparing the cave scenes with the open-sky scenes, you’ll see that the Bloodcarver seems to be two or three times as tall when he’s flying as when he’s in the cave.

Since it obviously can’t be an error by the artist, it must be a little-known natural ability of dragons. It would be useful to enable them to fit into caves that would otherwise be too small. (And with dragons that big, most caves are too small.) Coincidentally, it would also make it easier for the dragon to hide until it attacks.

Nonesuch, the title character of “A Book Dragon” by Donn Kushner, develops the ability to go from man-eater size to insectivore size and back, taking weeks in the process. The Bloodcarver displayed the ability to make a less extreme, but possibly instantaneous, change.

Wait I thought the last time we’ve seen a Dragon was in Orientations? Which was 8 years ago?

I have discovered Skindeep last week and went through it three times already, just to make sure I didn’t miss up on anything. This is a great comic and I am amazed by the depth of study on myths and characters. I love it. The books are on my birthday list.

I also think that Jocasta is thinking “Γαμώτο !”

I’m glad they’re actually referred to as species instead of races. One of my big problems with a lot of fantasy settings is that the races are referred to as such, when they’re often clearly not of the same species and thus can’t really be called a race of it– for example, a high fantasy setting with Driders and the like. Or the usual humans and elves, who are explicitly stated to come from a different source and therefore be different species instead of different races of the /same/ species. It always bothers me when the distinction isn’t made.

A rare exception on the other end of the scale was Dave Duncan’s world of Pandemia, the setting for a pair of tetralogies. (The first, “A Man of his Word”, began with the novel “The Magic Casement”.) There, the various races are just that — diverse variations of one species of humanity.

I see that no one has put forth the idea that the sphinxes decided to make themselves go extinct because of all the other species bickering with each other over who should get priority.

So the dragons who are [revered for their [intelligence] / [wisdom] ] / [Used in battle for their strength] / [otherwise being bugged by the lowlife] team up with the sphinxes to make themselves appear to go to war wiping themselves out.

While in reality they just bugger off to secluded locations having a merry old time doing whatever they want with no one to pester them with stupid requests. Under a disguise spell like the Avalons use but more powerful. (or possibly even another dimension considering this would be more or less the entire sphinx and dragon species.)

And then they slowly died out due to [insert reason here].

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