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Dinner, or the smell of Michelle’s brain cooking?

Not so fun fact: In Mexico, you can eat beef brain tacos.

… And no, I’ve never had them and never will. Ew.

I take it you’ve never heard of brains and eggs? There’s a bar in Montana (US) that specializes in them.

And, no, I wouldn’t eat that either. ><

Crumbed fried brains are delicious. Just make sure they’re well cooked. I admit I’ve never had cow brains, we eat sheep in Australia though.

…Frankly I prefer kidneys fried in their own suet, and fried strips of lamb heart with tomatoes and onions, but liver paté is delicious too. Organ meat is healthy, environmentally friendly, and often cheaper than muscle meat.

Yup, excited! Also: imagining what would happen if Mary was able to see that chapter title…

Mary: What’s this?! First you’re almost late for dinner, and now this appears, floating over my fine spread without so much as a by-your-leave! *starts lifting up and stacking the letters* I won’t stand for it! And if it leaves any of that drop shadow stuck to anything, I am going to be really cross!


I don’t think the table is properly set. No salt and pepper shakers, no butter, no bread rolls, no jugs of anything to fill the glasses to drink.

This isn’t thanksgiving dinner this is just dinner.

But it’s ordinary stuff that is missing.
And none of what I listed is fancy stuff.

I don’t have salt and pepper shakers on my table. At breakfast, maybe, complete with a pot of vegemite, but not on the dinner table. I’m more concerned about the table being too narrow to put the pot of food down, and no heat mat for same.

Perhaps the serving table is next to the eating table, and they have the food and condiments, and the drinks, on that sideboard instead of the main eating table? That would mean that they can then sit all around the same table, if they’re not used to having this many people at their table at once.

Ravi doesn’t precisely know what happened down in the Caverns, and it shows no regard for Michelle’s condition. When it DOES finally show something other than its lack of concern, what it shows is surprise that Michelle has fainted, but it still shows no concern or caring.
Mary is clearly shocked by Michelle fainting, and it’s Greg who shows the most care and concern for Michelle.

Will someone hit Ravi already?

I can’t tell which face I love the most here, Paul’s or Toby’s.

At this point I honest to god can’t tell when Ravi looks mildly desperate or when he looks ridiculously ecstatic.

Is it just me or did all the color literally drain from Ravi’s face in that last panel?

Nothing has ever reminded more that this is all taking place circa early 2000s than that gradient perspective all caps Wordart.

Great first page though. So well composed establishing the setting and characters in scene. Despite how crowded the room must be the page certainly isn’t. Nice job.

I almost forgot that Chapter 2 was basically a flashback…

It’s a great return to the story.

And, Happy Scouse Day!

What is scouse day?

Scouse is a slow-cooked, thick-bodied stew made with mutton, carrots, potatoes and onions. Part or all of the meat may be beef, but purists reject that idea. A vegetarian version is called “blind scouse”. The dish is so firmly associated with the city of Liverpool that their dialect of English is also called scouse.

It just so happens that 28 February is promoted in some circles as Scouse Day, encouraging the preparation of the stew.

Man, I’m finally caught up once again. I loved the heck out of this comic once I started reading it, but I lost the bookmark I made, and I soon forgot the name. I was so upset. Until I remembered my *favorite* creature in this comic, the bug bear. I looked up the medallions, and I found the comic once again! I’m so happy! I should consider buying one soon! ʕᵔᴥᵔʔ っ

Priorities, Ravi, priorities!

…well, unless it smells *really* good and he’s *really* hungry, then that might actually be the priority. :D

But question here is: does a immortal earth-spirit like Ravi really NEED food?

I feel like he more enjoys eating and the taste is fun for him, rather than he actually needs food. I mean the guy did sleep for several centuries, so unless he bulked up like a bear does before hibernation, he probably doesn’t actually need to eat like the rest of us.

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