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Illumnation Page 2

Illumnation Page 2 published on 70 Comments on Illumnation Page 2

As you might have guessed from all the unlit melty candles, the cave used to be lit with candles, but someone at some point went through and strung up lights. That’s mighty nice of them!

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I’m not sure why… but this page seems to be more… cartoony? Maybe it’s just panel 6 that’s giving that impression.

You’re not the only one, Michelle’s face does seem a bit off-model.

So apparently Jim’s related to Phineas the Red. And Phineas the Red had a daughter also named Phineas. I guess bizarre names run in the family.

Wait wait wait. His name was Phineas. His family name was Finn. He had red hair. PLEASE tell me I’m not the only one who immediately thought of Phineas and Ferb.

More likely Phineas is a TITLE given to him and carried down by his family.

Perhaps he was an “oracle” or “a diligent observer. OR maybe Jim’s “snake mouth” runs in the family.

Admiring the man…uh, gryphon, is fine but playing around where his bones lay isn’t. Aren’t there tons of asbestos or some other disease?!

My cousins and I played hide and seek and the like in cemeteries pretty regularly when we were kids while the adults were paying respects to people we never met. This was south Louisiana of course, where cemeteries are mostly above-ground tombs.

asbestos you get from certain types of mineral dust in your lungs. My mother, who is a nurse, says you can;t catch anything from centuries old bones. you can catch things from mouse or bat poo if those live in your cave, but probably not if you are a gryphon.

Jim’s whatever-it-is has been called a curse, but there really hasn’t been evidence of it actually being a curse. Curses are supposed to be harmful. Maybe it’s not a curse, and is just a way of marking a person of importance to a prophecy…

“Whatever it is you have?”
“That’s a broad topic. My handsome face? My sense of humor? My lovely eyes? My…”
“Your broccoli hair.”

“Nah, it’s more like spinach.”

– “Dah da-da-da-da da-daah,”
– “Dah da-da-da-da da-daah,”
= “Da da da da da da, da da da da da da-
Dah da-da-da-da da-daah!!”
(Popeye theme)
The pair break down into laughter etc.


“So if I eat it, will I get super strength?”
“Girl, I had better not catch you trying to eat my hair!”

Yeeee! You’re Back! So exited to see what’s up with the cast again. Are you trying out some new shading techniques or just adjusting for candlelight? I like it either way.

Also, they’re apparently useing an ancestor’s skull as a candleholder…

Saw the first panel via tumblr, it took a second to realise that Michelle was not looking directly ahead/at the camera. Missed the launch of this arc, wonderful to see the comic back again.

Can I also say nice to see presumably electric lights instead of the typical tomb torch. Gets around the issues of smoke buildup in confined spaces.

All I can say is: if I had had a necropolis like that to play in when I was little, I surely would have. Interment sites are rarely haunted anyway, and even if this one was…

Ghost: Ahem. Madame Mary? Your little green wonder has got the door to my sepulchre stuck again – with himself inside.

Mary Finn: *eyeroll* Hasn’t my husband fixed the lock on that yet, Matilinda? …*sigh* I’ll be right down… *grabs crowbar*


I don’t understand the emoticon.

The Finns don’t really mind gender so much when naming their offspring, do they? If Jim had a sister, her middle name would probably be James as well.

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