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I don’t think I said it yet? But I am such a fan of the fact that Michelle isn’t your typical beauty – she has an awesome nose. Same goes for the other characters, they’re all so *real* in that they have physical ‘flaws’ and differences when in human form, with big noses and different body shapes and so on. That’s something I’ve always admired about this series :)

It sounds like you’re trying to say “ugly people are more realistic” … though it sorta carries implications of “pretty characters make me feel inadequate” and “they’re ugly so I don’t have to hate them”.

Is the difference in the character design really a thing of significance?

Did you know that a study was made of all the classic “Beauties” of Hollywood history, and it was found that they all had certain ‘flaws’ which were actually necessary for their beauty? They had slightly off-center noses, or their eyes were just a little too small, or they had ‘beauty marks’- moles, essentially, in prominent places. And they corrected these ‘flaws’ in images, and people thought they were less beautiful for the lack of them.

True beauty is in Character, and a perfectly formed mannequin has no character. Beauty takes flaws, and builds off them.

It’s not about them being ‘ugly’, it’s about being imperfect. There are ratios and rules for things people find visually pleasing. You can follow those to generate any array of characters who are technically attractive, but they all look so much the same, and so empty. And the trouble is that people tend to do just that, because it’s easy. Deviating from the ideal makes them technically less attractive, but it brings them to life.

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