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Ravi is so *delighted* about everything. I can’t dislike him.

He’s like a Disney Princess! Curious and gleeful and full of love for life.

Someone should draw him in a dress!

I have the opposite problem. I can’t like him because he always seems so damn chipper about everything, despite whether or not it’s appropriate.

You’re not alone in that sentiment, PJ.
From his appearance and actions, so far in Illumination, I can understand some of why Jim could not deal with Ravi.

There are, believe it or not, people who are like that in real life… at least some of the time. (Check out the Wikipedia entry on Hypomania.)

Of course, Ravi is like this all the time, but he’s not human, so we don’t know if this is common to the Yaksha in general, or if this is even an actual disorder… it could all just be part of a carefully-crafted demeanor.

(I can see where a member of a powerful race, especially one whose powers or overall level of power inspires distrust or fear, would craft a charming persona to counter-balance the fear.

And really, if they knew enough about Yaksha, I would be surprised if they weren’t afraid of him, at least a little. Depending on which of the stories you read, Yaksha were only one step down from gods.)

I love Martha and her casual partial manifestation and co-incidence with what- or who-ever!

Wait, how did her collar go through Ravi?

She might have just swung her rear end through him when she jumped up. After all, she’s having to scratch at the door because she can’t just run through it.

More likely she can just run through it, but has been trained so she won’t just go through it without getting permission from one of the Finns.

While her ghost body could, her collar cannot.
Page 2, of this chapter, as she reforms following being verbally scolded by James, makes this clear.

At least in panel 4, it looks like her collar could possibly pass *under* the door …

(And now I imagine how the *less* rustic doors in the mansion might be outfitted to allow her access … Weirdest. Pet flaps. Evar!)

I think you’re right. I’m guessing that she’s developed the habit of navigating for just her collar, as her only solid “part”, casually making what would be a side-swipe maneuver if she were solid. She only solidifies for affection (or door-scratching).

Those knife switches used to be common in the UK prior to the 1950s (although they did often have insulating covers on them), but nearly all of them had been replaced by the time of this chapter. I don’t see a fuse receptacle on it either, although that circuit might be fused at the main fusebox. I suppose if the Health and Safety people made it that far, they would be in trouble already. Also, maybe gryphons aren’t affected by electricity like humans are…

Lorne: See, the clip contact’s been bent outwards from use, an’ it’s all worn an’ arced… *casually bends live contacts back into shape with bare fingers, scrapes off arcing burns with file* You should prob’ly replace this with a proper two-pole switch, though.

James: Nah, it’s fine. I wouldn’t want to handle those live parts like that, though – the current makes m’ fingers tingle like all get out.


I’m glad someone reacted on the same thing I did. Gryphon tenacity or no, you may want to be careful with how you hanle that switch, James. Putting your palm all over it seems hardly ideal.

So if the power was off, who lit all those candles before…

He just seemed a bit over zealous to me. I know I wouldn’t like it if a person tried to be all over my person. I don’t even like it when a person gets less than a foot away from me, except for my husband, or my daughter. Ravi also seems to be hiding something…. Why doesn’t someone ask if he would show his “natural” form??

Looks like a lot of yaksha are really human-looking, so that might [i]be[/i] his actual form.

Well, Yaksha are guardian spirits. It’s hard to guard someone who runs away from you in fear… That’s assuming that his “natural” form is frightening. As egg says, it may be (mostly) human with an unusual skin color. It depends on which version of the Yaksha (there are several interpretations) that Kory decided to use.

Of course, there’s a darker version of the Yaksha, called the bhuta, that wanders the wilderness, eating unaware travelers. I don’t think Ravi is a bhuta. The point I’m getting to is that they’re usually benevolent.

I’ve linked a few images of statues of Yaksha below. The first five are the “temple guardian” version.'Digambara_Yaksha_Sarvahna'_from_Karnataka%2C_India%2C_c._900%2C_Norton_Simon_Museum.JPG/800px-'Digambara_Yaksha_Sarvahna'_from_Karnataka%2C_India%2C_c._900%2C_Norton_Simon_Museum.JPG

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